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How many miles can you drive per gallon?


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One way to determine how many miles per gallon you get out of you car is fill the tank with gas, reset your milage counter (or just keep track on the odomiter). when the tank nears empty use this formula.


The resulting number is your aprox. miles per gallon

    • Its more accurate to calculate gas mileage this way**

FILL TANK, set trip, use the amount of miles traveled that trip, then divide number of miles traveled by the amount of fuel needed to fill the tank back to full.

The Honda hybrids get about 60. Peterbilt's get about 6. So, it depends on what you drive!

The average miles per gallon most cars get is between 20 depending on size, engine and wt of car, with margin of +-5 mpg. If you want to know what you car gets, fill your tank to one auto-click full and reset your trip odometer. When near empty refill your tank again. Note how many gallons you filled. Divide miles (on odometer) by gallons (refilled) giving you miles/gallons.


As a tip, the longer the distance the more accurate the derived answer. You don't need to fill the tank first. I've carried this test out by starting with the fuel gauge indicating a particular line on its dial, and totalling the gallons and miles that return it to the same (noted) reading.


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That all depends - on how many miles per gallon the vehicle does.

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This depends on the vehicle's "Miles per Gallon" (MPG) rating. For instance, my car goes 29 Miles per Gallon. You may want to ask the person that owns the vehicle what their MPG is. Their answer will tell you how many miles they can drive their car per gallon.

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