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My 2002 Dodge Intrepid SE has had a few annoying issues over the years, but surprisingly I've beaten the odds and it's still running pretty well at 130,000 miles


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Depends on the yr/make/model, how well it's maintained. I have seen 160,000-350,000miles.

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2003 dodge neon that will start but will not stay running and dies after it starts?

without looking at vehicle, control module may be a good place to start checking. honestly though, you need a engine diagnostic specialist to examine your problem.

Tach and speedometer go on and off. Also sometimes during driving the security light on dash stays on constantly. Also it eventually starts and dies until it won't turn over anymore

The way it's been going, and from the research I've done.... If you've got a 2.7L Motor, expect not to make it to about 100,000mi. Actually, from what I've seen, it's more like 75,000 UNLESS you change your oil once every 1500 miles, and git'r done with full out synthetic. Then you may get lucky... Otherwise, expect 'er to last a couple years before the motor dies out on ya... Gotta love Chrysler engineering...

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Don't know. I just hit 200k & still going strong.

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depends how well the engine has been looked after - ie regular servicing. I had an ex taxi which had done over 450,000 miles and still going strong when i sold it.

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