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Approximately 3,500 miles.

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Q: How many miles is it from Gatwick Airport in London to Toronto Canada?
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How long is the air flight from Toronto Pearson airport to gatwick airport in London England?

Around 7 hours...

What is the distance from Tower of London to London Gatwick Airport?

It is approximately 29 miles from the Tower of London to Gatwick Airport.

What is the nearest airport to Brighton England?


Where could one book hotels at Gatwick?

One could book hotels at Gatwick at the surrounding hotels. Hotels near Gatwick airport are Travelodge, Courtyard London Gatwick Airport, Yotel and Hilton London Gatwick Airport.

Is London Heathrow Airport nearer to Scotland than Gatwick Airport?

Yes, London Heathrow Airport is slightly closer to Scotland than Gatwick Airport. - However both Heathrow and Gatwick are very close to London, - and very far from Scotland.

Where is the London Gatwick located?

The airport London Gatwick is located approximately 30 miles south of Central London in the United Kingdom. The airport is London's second largest international airport after Heathrow.

What London Airports do they fly to Houston from?

London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick airport.

Where would you find Gatwick airport?

Gatwick airport is 28 miles south of London, UK

What is the clostest airport to gatwick?

Gatwick IS an airport. The nearest of the other airports in the London area would be Heathrow.

What is the busiest airport in the UK?

First comes London Heathrow Airport, followed by London Gatwick Airport, Manchester Airport, London Stansted Airport, London Luton Airport.

What are the airports in London?

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is the main airport in London.The other international airport near London is the London Gatwick Airport (LGW). There is one called the London Luton Airport that is right in London. There is also the London Southend Airport and the London Stansted Airport, which are regional airports in London.Heathrow and Gatwick are the two biggest.

Where is gatwick airport?

Gatwick Airport is in Crawley, West Sussex, UK. It's close proximity to London makes it one of the capital's airports. It is easily accessible from London by train via the Gatwick Express from London Victoria.

What does ''LGW'' stand for in London?

It is used for London Gatwick Airport.

What is the nearest airport to Eastbourne?

The nearest airport to Eastbourne is Gatwick airport in London

How does one get to the North Terminal Parking at Gatwick airport from London?

One gets to the North Terminal Parking at Gatwick Airport from London by following the M23 and exiting at Junction Nine, following the signs to the airport. Full directions can be found on the Gatwick Airport website.

What airport is the quickest from Spain to London?


If Heathrow Airport is located in London then where is Gatwick Airport located?

Heathrow Airport is located about 20 miles west of central London and Gatwick Airport is located about 30 miles south of central London. Both airports have excellent transport connections to central London.

How many miles is it from Gatwick airport to Barnet London?

It is 70 miles from High Barnet railway station to Gatwick Airport.

What is the airport abbreviation name that the airlines use for gatwick?

The 3-letter designator for UK's London Gatwick Airport is LGW.

What is the international airport in London called?

The main airport is Heathrow. The secondary airport is Gatwick.

What airport in London changes euro coins?

london city airport also london heathrow and london gatwick

How far is gatwick airport from city center London?

About 35 miles and there is a very good train service which runs between Gatwick Airport and Victoria Station in London.

How long will it take to travel form Gatwick Airport in London to Paris airport?

The flight duration from Gatwick Airport in London to the airport in Paris is quite short. The average flight time is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How long is the flight from gatwick to tronoto?

The flight from London Gatwick to Toronto should be about 6 hours.

What is the address for Gatwick Airport in London?

The London Gatwick Airport is located at West Sussex RH6 0NP, United Kingdom. It is a very big, popular airport that has more than 100 flights in a day.