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How many miles is it from Sydney Australia to Rome Italy?

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The distance between Sydney in Australia and Rome in Italy, as the crow flies, is 10137 miles. In nautical miles, the distance is 8812.

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How many miles is it from Sydney Australia to Rome Italy by air?

10,143 miles

What is the time zone difference from Sydney Australia to Rome Italy?

The time zone difference from Sydney, Australia, to Rome, Italy, is two hours. Rome, which is in the Central European time zone, is ahead of Sydney, which is in the Australian Eastern time zone, by two hours.

How long is a flight from Sydney to Rome?

A typical flight from Sydney, Australia to Rome, Italy takes about 20 to 21 hours.

How far is Perth Australia from Rome?

Distance from Perth, Western Australia Australia to Rome, Italy is 8254 Miles( 13283.5 Kilometers / 7167.8 Nautical Miles )===============================

What is the air mileage distance from Perth Australia to Rome Italy?

The air distance from Perth, Australia, to Rome, Italy, is 8,284 miles. That equals 3,331 kilometers or 7,198 nautical miles.

How many air miles from Sydney Australia to New York?

The air distance from Sydney, Australia, to Rome, New York, is 9,867 miles. That equals 15,880 kilometers or 8,575 nautical miles.

What is the distance in miles from Rome Italy to Australia?

distance between Rome and Perth8291 Miles13343 kilometers

How many miles is it from Adelaide to Italy?

From Adelaide, Australia, to Rome, Italy, is a distance of 9,526 miles, or 15,331 kilometres.

How many Miles from Melbourne Australia to Rome Italy?

approximately 10666&2/3 miles

How many kilometers is there situated between Australia and Italy?

Air kilometers between Canberra, Australia and Rome, Italy are 16,216 kilometers. That is 10,076 miles. It is 8,756 nautical miles.

How far away is Australia from rome?

It would depend on where in Australia. Perth is only about 8200 air miles (13200 km) from Rome, while Sydney is about 10,100 miles (16250 km). So flight times could be from 15 to 18 hours from points in Australia.

Square miles of Rome?

Rome, Italy - 496.3 sq miles.

How many miles does it take to get to Rome from Italy?

About zero. Rome is the capital of Italy. Uh... it's Rome, Italy... the capital

How many miles from Rome to Florence?

The distance between Rome, Italy and Florence, Italy is 173 miles. The city of Florence is to the north of Rome.

Distance in miles Rome Italy cinque terra Italy?

302 miles

How mant miles between Rome Italy and Venice Italy?

327 miles

Were the 2000 Olympics held in rome?

No, they were held in Sydney, Australia.

How far is Sydney Australia from Rome by boat?

18000 km

In Italy only miles Abbruzzi to Rome?

The air distance from L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy, to Rome, Italy, is 56 miles. That equals 91 kilometers or 49 nautical miles.

How many miles is it from the Atlanta Georgia airport to the Rome Italy airport?

What are the air miles from Atlanta, Ga. to Rome, Italy

How many square miles is rome?

Rome, Italy covers about 496 square miles.

How many miles from Rome to Florence Italy?

how many miles from Rome airport to Florence, Italy. Is the train the best way to travel?

How many miles is it from Rome Italy to Pisa Italy?


How many miles from Houston Tx to Rome Italy?

Approximate distance in miles from Houston United States to Rome Italy is 5699 miles or 9169.69 Kilometers.

How many miles from Italy to UK?

By air travel the distance from Rome, Italy to London, UK is 891 miles. If you were to drive between Rome, Italy and London, UK, it is about 1170 miles by land.