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How many miles is it to drive from Florida to Canada?


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From Orlando, FL to Toronto, Ontario is 1,281 miles.

The shortest distance is from Jacksonville (NE Florida) to Windsor, Ontario (south of Detroit, Michigan), a driving distance of 1055 miles (1700 km).

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The driving distance is about 1,096 road miles.

The driving distance is about 1,126 road miles.

it take 16.5 miles to get to Florida from Houston

It is about 4,339 miles from Miami to Juneau.

It is about 800 Miles and takes about 10-11 days to drive.

It OS 1087.24 miles according to MapQuest.

The air distance from Toronto, Canada, to Sarasota, Florida, is 1,139 miles. That equals 1,832 kilometers or 989 nautical miles.

The driving distance is about 1,782 road miles.

It is 981 miles according to Google Maps.

The air distance from Orlando, Florida, to London, Canada, is 999 miles. That equals 1,607 kilometers or 868 nautical miles.

Sudbury is about 1,551 miles away from Tampa Bay

About 2,490-2,688 miles depends on route traveled.

It would be a 185 mile drive, but they are about 167 miles apart.

Air miles from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, to Orlando, Florida, total 3,312 miles. That is 5,330 kilometers or 2,878 nautical miles.

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