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How many miles is the volga river?

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The Volga River is approximently 2,300 miles long from start to finish.

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Moscow is on the Volga River

Volga river is 2,294 miles in length2294 miles

The Volga River by 514 miles

The Volga River is the longest river in Europe, about 2,300 miles

The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.The river Volga.

The longest river in Russia and Europe is the Volga River, which flows entirely within Russia for 2,290 miles.

Well the Volga river is 2,229 miles long.3,700 KM.

No...the river Thames is only 215 miles long. The Volga is 2294 miles long

No, the Volga River is in Russia and Moscow is located along the river. The Volga runs north to south for 2,290 miles to the Caspian Sea.

The River Volga at 2292 miles

The Volga River. 2294 miles

No. The Nile with a length of around 6650km(4132 miles) is the longest river in the world. Volga(3645km or 2266 miles) on the other hand is the longest river of Europe.

2294 miles or 3692 kms.

2,300 miles your welcome :P

The Volga, 2294 miles long

By length the largest River in Russia is the Volga. The Volga has a length of some 2,200+ miles along many of Russian major eastern cities. The Volga is inextricably to Russia's historical foundations of commerce, culture and riverine settlements.

The Volga River flows through Central Russia

The Volga River is sometimes called Mother Volga.

In many ways, the Volga River is a symbol of Russia and is the national river. Russia grew cradled in the banks of the Volga. The Volga is a very fertile and productive region. 40% of Russians live near the Volga river System. The Volga has also been used in Russian art, literature, and music.

The Volga River travels 2193 to dump into the Caspian Sea. However, it is made up of miles of other rivers and the Volga-Baltic Waterway connects the Volga to the Baltic Sea.

Volga River is in Europe

The Volga river is the longest river in europe!!🌊