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According to the most recent data available, there are 11,194,445 miles (18,015,713 km) of paved roads in the world.
According to the most recent data available, there are 18,015,713 km or 11,194,445 miles of paved roads in the world.


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According to the Alaska Department of Transportation, there are about 4,900 miles of paved roads in Alaska.

According to the most recent (1999) data available, there are 3323 miles (5347 km) of paved roads in Angola.

According to the most recent (2005) data available, there are 979,014 miles (1,575,571 km) of paved roads in China.

Bermuda has 150 miles (240 km) of private paved roads; 130 miles (210 km) of public paved roads; and 25 miles (40 km) of historic, mostly unpaved railroad trail, used in parts as a scenic trail.

2,335,424 miles are currently paved in CA. Approximately 20.3 billion are spent maintaining.

1.9305 million kilometers (1,199,557 miles),

the network of stone-paved roads (viae munitae) covered over 80,500 kilometres (50,000 miles); that is 20% of the total network 400,000 km (250,000 miles) of Roman roads, The other types of roads were the gravel-paved roads (viae glareatae) and the levelled earth roads (viae terrenae)

Miles of Paved Roads in the USAccording to the Federal Highway Administration 2008 statistics, there are 2,734,102 miles of paved public roads in the United Sates, with an additional 1,324,245 miles of unpaved public roads. This information can be found in Table HM-12 of "Highway Statistics 2008."

According to the most recent (2007) data available, there are 2,615,870 miles (4,209,835 km) of paved roads in the U.S.

Their is about 148 987 Km of paved roads in Ontario

Manhattan has approximately 400 miles of paved roads.

the kosoamba bridge between 3 lakes and two mountains

The Romans network of roads throughout their empire totalled the 400,000 kilometres (250,000 miles). The famous stone-paved roads constituted 20% (80,500km, 50,313 miles) of the network. Besides the via munita (stone-paved road) there was the via glareata which was an earthed road with a gravelled surface and the via terrena which was a rural road of levelled earth.

The NPS states that there are over 310 miles of paved roads within Yellowstone National Park.

The Romans to build a vast road network throughout the Roman Empire which totalled 400,000 kilometres (250,000 miles) 20% of which (80,500 kilometres, 50,313 miles) were the famous stone-paved roads.

The Romans perfected the paved road. Many of them are still in use almost 2000 years after their construction.

There are very few roads connecting communities in Nunavut. There is one paved stretch of road between Arctic Bay and Nanisivik that is 32 km long.

Portugal has 42,708 miles of roads, or 62,732 kilometers.

The paved road where the limestone for the Giza Pyramid was cut is believed to be the oldest in the world, which is more than 5000 years old. There are many roads in Rome which are some of the oldest in world.

550,000 miles per another posting

Naturally with such a large country only some, and mostly main roads can be paved. There are many dirt roads in all rural areas, as in every large country.

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