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Eight US Military Nurses died in Vietnam: 7 from accidents, 1 from a communist rocket, when it struck her medical facility.

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What did women the military do in Vietnam?

There were many women working in military hospitals in the Vietnam war.

How many women died in the Vietnam war?

alot of women died in the Vietnam war died

How many US military personnel died in the Vietnam War?

58209 died in Vietnam. 2000 more are missing.

How many woman died in the vietnam war?

8 US military women were killed in Vietnam; 7 in vehicle/airplane accidents and 1 from a communist rocket attack on her medical facility.

How many American women died in the Vietnam War?


How many American soldiers that died in Vietnam were women?


How many south vietnamese troops died in the vietnam war?

There were over 1.3 million military deaths in the Vietnam War.

How many military women died in World War II?

not sure on just the women, but both women and men 400,000 died.

How many soldiers died in the Vietnam War?

The total number of military casualties from both sides in the Vietnam War was 1.475 million.

How many us died in Vietnam war?

About 58,209 U.S. military service people died in the Vietnam War. About 645,000 Americans died during the Civil War fought in the U.S.

How many men and women were dead or missing in the Vietnam war?

58,226 American soldiers died in Vietnam or were listed as missing in action. Actually, it matters how it is worded. how many men of our died 58248 men women 8 and all together is 58256.

How many officers that graduated from the US Military Academy died in Vietnam?

Three hundred and thirty three.

How many Americans died during the Viet Nam war?

Over 58,000 U.S. military died during the Vietnam War.

How many people volunteered for the vietman war?

Over 7,500 US military women nurses volunteered to go to Vietnam.

How many US Marines died in Vietnam?

Nearly 15,000 US Marines died in Vietnam. Here is a link to the American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics You can find statistics for every war, and every branch of the military. It shows that 14,844 Marines were killed in the Vietnam Conflict.

How many men and women served in the US military during the Vietnam War?

About 2.1 million total men and women served in the Vietnam war. Two hundred and fifty thousand lost their lives, were MIA, or injured.

How many women soldiers were in the vienam war?

1. WWI-10,000 US military women served over-seas. 2. WWII-350,000 US military women served in the military. 3. Korean War-approximately 600 US military women served in Korea-nearly all nurses. 4. Vietnam War-about 7,500 US military women in country; nearly all were nurses.

How many us military were killed in Vietnam?

58,228 US civilians and military personnel were killed in the Vietnam War.

How many military branches does Vietnam have?


How many women served in the Vietnam war?

None, because they were all busy in the kitchen making food for the troops. Women were not allowed to fight in the military until later in time.

How many female u.s. soldiers died in the Vietnam war?

Equal opportunity occurred AFTER Vietnam. Vietnam was the last traditional war fought by men. Women in Vietnam and the US military were ALL VOLUNTEERS, and they mostly served in the medical field. US Military leadership in Vietnam consisted of World War II commanders (Westmoreland, Abrams, Colonel Patton (GEN Patton's son), Curtis LeMay, etc.) and they fought Vietnam WWII style; which was the only way they knew. American tradition in Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI, etc. required that "Mom and Apple Pie" were to be protected; consequently, US women were men. Only 8 US military females died in Vietnam, and 7 of those were in accidents. 5 were killed during "Operation Baby Lift" when the C-5 Galaxy they were in crashed on take off during the evacuation of South Vietnam in 1975.

How many nurses died during the Vietnam war?

8 US military female nurses; all but one by accidents.

How many American women were killed in Vietnam War?

Sixty-eight American women were killed in the Vietnam War. Sixty were civilians and eight were military. Only one female American was killed, and she was USA ANC 1LT Sharon Ann Lane.

How many south vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

It is estimated by the US Military that over 200,000 South Vietnamese soldiers died during the Vietnam War. The total death toll is believed to be over 3 million.

How many military men and women died during World War 2?

No women was reported to have served in any army in WW2. However, the military death toll is about 25 Million.

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