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Need to know the year and engine info.

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Where are O2 sensors located Olds Lss 1997?

It should be centered behind the engine block attached to the exhaust. You can look directly down on it. It looks kind of like a spark plug. Let me know if you need more details.

What type of air condition system is in a 1997 olds lss?


Were is the crankshaft sensor on a 1996 olds LSS?

Does the LSS have a 3.8L engine? If so, the crank sensor is behind the crank pulley/harmonic damper.

Replacing fog lamps on 1997 olds lss?

Replacing a fog lamp on 1997 Olds LSS is easy. All you have to do is take the lights out of the car, take the old bulb out than replace it with the new one.

Do you have to drop the tank to get fuel sending unit out of 1997 olds lss?


1998 olds lss what type of freon r-12 or r-34?


Where is the Bendix located on a 1997 Olds LSS?

That is an Old term, the proper term is Solonoid, it is on the top of the starter, The term "Bendix" is of what the most common manufacturer was way back from the 1930's and up.

Where is air filter located on a 1996 Olds LSS?

It is on the far right hand side, toward the front. It is covered by a square looking black box. A couple of screws hold the cover on. The Air filter is under it. Hope this helps.

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1997 Oldsmobile LSS?

On top and inside the fuel tank.

How many horses in the 1997 Oldsmobile lss?

240HP if SC

Where do you add the power steering fluid to a non-supercharged 1995 Olds 88 LSS?

----------------------------------- Under hood, engine compartment, in the power steering resovoir.

What does the acronym LSS stand for?

The acronym LSS stands for Logistics Support System.

What is LSS Data Systems's population?

The population of LSS Data Systems is 200.

Why doesn't my 1996 lss start?

1997 lss stalls may start after hours or days

What does lss stand for?

Correct Answer.LSS stands for Luxury Super Sport. It is used by many vehical models as a sub-model of the vehical (Impala SS, Mazda Protege ES, Boniville LS...etc.)With the Oldsmobile, the LSS was originally going to be a sub-model of the Eighty-Eight. The LSS became a stand alone production (Proud Owner =) ) branching off of the Eighty-Eight.When becoming an LSS, certain upgrades need to go into effect to do so. Evolving from the Eighty-Eight to the Lss, the susspension was stiffened to give a more sporty ride (while still maintaining a smooth cloud like ride) and upgrade handling abilities. The engine remained the same (3.8L V8) producing 225BHP and 240LB Torque; but, the LSS had the option for an upgrade to a supercharged version of the same 3.8L engine-now producing 240-250BHP and 280LB Torque. The LSS had many other various upgrades, but that is not what this question is about.Back on topic... LSS=Luxury Super Sport.

Why is your 1996 olds LSS wasting too much gas?

Poor driving. Poor servicing. Poor upkeep. Leaking tank or fuel system. Unnecessary journeys. Unauthorised journeys. Syphoning tank.

What is the correct RPM on a 1997 olds lss?

That is computer controlled, it should be about 900 RPM when cold, after warmup it should be around 750 depending on A/C etc. accessories being a load on the engine..does this help?

97 olds lss and the ac fan barley blows air is this the relay or the fan motor?

probably not blower motor (unless the cage is packed with mouse chewins) check resistor ,relay or switch

How many seats does a 2001 Chevy Tahoe have?

Most LTs and LSs seat about 7 or 8 people.

What control the top speed on a 1994 Oldsmobile lss is it a speed governor or is it the computer?

the 1994 oldsmobile lss has both the computer controlls the govenor

What is LSS in Twitter?

Last Song Syndrome

My 1998 Oldsmobile 88 lss has a low coolant light that keeps coming on help?

the sensor is faulty. Located half way down the side of the radiator.

What is the bolt size caliper for a 97 Oldsmobile lss?


1997 olds lss interior lights won't turn off?

It is most likely a sensor that is stuck or malfunctioning. I tracked this problem in my LSS to the sensor in the door handle of the driver side. I simply disconnected it. It is the sensor that get's used the most and as such usually fails first. Take the inside panel off, reach in and up from the inside towards the handle and you will feel some wires and a clip, disconnect it and your lights should go off. Thanks, Josh

Does a 1994 Oldsmobile key have a black chip in it?

Many 1994 models did. Cutlass Supreme 88 88 Royal LSS 98 Regency

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