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there are 2 o2 sensors on a can get at them from underneath the is located on the engine pipe(not the manifold)before the catalytic converter and the other one is located after the catalytic converter.good luck.


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Yes. A 3.9 v6 engine from a 1995 Dodge Dakota will fit into a 2000 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine. You will have to swap the intake and exhaust manifolds along with all sensors and fuel rail though.

on the exhaust pipe leading back from the cat

The towing capacity of a 2000 Dodge Dakota V6 is about 7500 pounds. The Dodge Dakota was discontinued in 2011.

There is no difference in a 1995 dodge dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine and a 2000 dodge dakota with a 3.9 v6 engine and you can exchange the newer engine with the older one.

The Dodge Dakota did not come out until 1987

Many vehicles have many more specifications added when the vehicle is produced. The towing capacity of a 1987 Dodge Dakota V6 is up to 5,500 pounds.Ê

Dodge Dakota V6's didn't have a crank sensor until 1992.

A 1991 Dodge Dakota will have either a V6 or a V8 engine.

What is the oil capacity of a 1996 Dodge Dakota 3.9 liter V6 engine 4.5 quarts

how do i put a power steering pump on a 1987 dodge Dakota truck v6

My 1990 dodge Dakota sport V6 gets around 450 miles on a tank of gas doing mostly hwy driving.

The v6 was a 3.7l. The v8 was a 4.7l.

that depends on the climate,right?

how much horespower does a 1992 dodge Dakota 3.9 liter with 2 k@N air filters have

if it's a v6 it has 6 if its a v8 it has 8 one for each cylinder

The 42 re from behind a 3.9L will not work in place of a 45rfe behind a 3.7L or 4.7L.

Does anyone know how to take off a radiator fan clutch from a 1998 Dodge Dakota 3.9 V6

If it also had a 3.9L, yes.If it also had a 3.9L, yes.

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