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Answer:Eight omelets.
8 omlets
2010-04-11 02:20:12
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Q: How many omelettes can be made from 2 dozen eggs if an omelette contains 3 eggs?
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How many omelette can be made from 2 dozen eggs if an omelette contains 3 eggs?

2 dozen=24 eggs 1 omelette=3 eggs therfore, no. of omelettes made using 2 dozen eggs=24/3=8 omelette

How many carbs in an omelette?

A three eggs omelette contains 1 gram of carbohydrate.

How do you make a perfect omlet?

The one thing that makes an omelette better than other omelettes is cooking the eggs slowly. This makes them tender and fluffy.

Is egg turning into an omlette a chemical change?

Yes, Turning an egg into an omelette is a chemical change. This is because, generally, a chemical change usually makes a new substance and the change cannot be reversed, and we can obliviously not turn an omelette back to an egg. Our new substance is the riped eggs, which released chemicals while you making yourself an omelette. So, omelettes are chemical changes towards eggs. I Hope this helps!!

What Omelettes are made from?

Eggs are the main ingredient.

Grammar a dozen of eggs or a dozen eggs?

a dozen eggs

What are things that come in groups of 30?

A case of eggs contains 30 dozen eggs.

What is a basic ingredient of an omelette?


What is the main ingredient for an omelette?


What is the basic ingredient of an omelette?


what part of a dozen is three eggs?

One-quarter of a dozen eggs is three eggs.

What are use egg beater?

To beat eggs for omelettes and for baking.

What part of a dozen are three eggs?

one quarter of a dozen eggs is three eggs.

How many eggs in numbers is a dozen eggs?

12 eggs= a dozen

How many eggs are in 2 and quarter dozen?

A dozen eggs means 12 eggs. So 2.5*12 = 27.A dozen eggs is the same as 12 eggsHalf a dozen eggs is 6 eggsA quarter of a dozen is 3 eggs so2 and a quarter dozen = 2x12 =24 +3 =27

What is the difference in calories between a boiled egg and an omelette?

Depends on oil in the pan for the omelette, and what you put in the omelette. Also how many eggs you use.

How many eggs are there in two dozen?

24 eggs are the equivalent of two dozen eggs. A dozen is 12, while a baker's dozen is 13.

How many eggs are in 18000 dozen?

There are 216,000 eggs in 18,000 dozen. 12 eggs in a dozen * 18,000 = 216,000

Is omelette a dairy product?

No as made with eggs.

How many servings are in a dozen of eggs?

there are 12 servings of eggs in an dozen of eggs.

What are recipes with egg?

Deviled eggs, Egg muffins, Poached eggs, Eggs in a basket, Broccoli and cheddar quiche, and omelettes.

What is the function on the egg in an omelette?

The egg do not "function" in an omelette. An omelette IS the egg, usually several eggs that are beaten with other ingredients and cooked in a shallow pan.

How many dozen eggs are in 42 eggs?

3.5 dozen.

How much are eggs per dozen?

A dozen is 12, So eggs per dozen is 12 eggs.

2 dozen eggs are?

2 dozen eggs are 24 eggs! That was easy!