How many people are in Paris?

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2 and a half million

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How many people are there in Paris?

there are about 20 millio people in Paris I think

How many Jewish people are in Paris?

2% of Paris has Jewish people

What kind of wine does Paris drink?

Who is Paris? There are many people with the name of Paris in the world.

What is the most transportation in Paris?

Many people in Paris use the Metro.

How many people walk in Paris?

About over 500 people and tourist walk all a round Paris.

How many people has Paris Hilton snogged?

34 people

How many people lived in Paris in 2009?

2,203,817 people.

How many different people live in Paris?

2 people

How many people go to the shopping in Paris?


How many people have died at Disneyland Paris?

It appears as of November 2016, four people have died due to accidents at Disneyland Paris.

How many people signed The Treaty Of Paris?


How many people live in Paris conurbation?

no one

How many homeless people live in Paris?


How many people in Paris speak french?


How many people live in Paris 2012?

about 2000.000.000

How many people like tennis in Paris?


How many rich people are there in Paris?

another 6

How many people wear Paris Hilton brand shirts?

Lots of people lol ,well i have one. By BabyGirlHannahT the Paris Hilton answers

How many Jewish people lived in Paris?

Paris is the big community of Jewish people after America and Israel, the entire France has about 491000 people and Europe about 1 million.

How many people visited Disneyland Paris in 2010?


How many black people live in Paris?

1 million

How many people visit Disneyland Paris 2015?

about 30m

How many people live in Paris France?

Some 2 million people and growing

What can people do on the website of meteo-Paris?

On the website of metro-paris people can check many things. Some things you can see are monthly earnings, traffic statistics, similar websites and similar designs.

Do people in Paris have Cabs for traveling around?

Certainly. Paris, France, has many taxicabs. That city also has a subway system (Metro) and many people also ride bicycles and walk to their destinations.

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