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How many people commit suicide a day?

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about 2,000

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How many people commit suicide in a day?


How many people commit suicide per day in the UK?

About 15.

How many people a day commit suicide in western Australia?


What day do most people commit suicide?


How many minutes a day does someone commit suicide?

They only commit suicide once in a lifetime. Thats all they get.

Which Day is it most common for people to commit suicide?


What is the most common day people commit suicide?


Has anybody ever committed suicide on Valentine's Day?

Yes. Some people commit suicide on Valentine's Day.

Is Valentine's Day the day that most people commit suicide in a year?

No, Christmas

How many people commit suicide on valentines day each year?

No Statistics known to man kind

How many children commit suicide every day?

There are hundreds of children that commit suicide every day in the United States alone. This number is higher and lower in many different countries.

How many homosexuals commit suicide every day?

Over a 100 a day, worldwide.

How many people in the US commit suicide in one day?

it depends if you think about it.i would say around 500.

How many people commit suicide because their bullied about what they wear?

19,000 a day and at least 1 every half hour.

How many children commit suicide a day?

world- 50,000 us- 3500

How many people commit suicide?

50 people per day, 18250 times per year.

How many people kill themselves over a year because of a bully?

6 children a day commit suicide a day because of bullying. You do the math.

How many children commit suicide each day in Canada?

i think at least 5

Is the radial artery a major artery?

Its how hundreds of people commit suicide every day, what do you think?

How many teenagers commit suicide a day?

I dont think that would be a possible answer but, I guess how many you think it is

How many teens commit suicide every day from cyberbullying?

6 teenagers in America I believe.

Did Gary levox of rascal flatts wife commit suicide?

NO unless she unhappy of she could get theropy. Have a good day and don't commit suicide!

Do dentist have a high suicide rate?

Yeah they do have a more higher risk to commit suicide. They live in a stressful environment and have a same old routine day. So they commit suicide.

Did Hitler commit suicide the day after he got married?

Yes he did.

What day do people most often commit suicide?

wensday because the stress of monday and Tuesday are still apon them