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Was there a 'battle of Skirmish'.

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Q: How many people died during the battle of Skirmish at Philippi?
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How can 'skirmish' be used in a sentence?

When the coins fell into the crowd, there was a bit of skirmish as people tried to get some.

Who were the people that were fighting in the battle of phillipi?

The Battle of Philippi was composed of forces led by both Octavian and Marc Antony versus an opposing force led by Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus .

Use the word skirmish in a sentence?

Six people were killed in the skirmish that started the civil war.

What happened in the battle of New Orleans?

Many people died during that battle. it was a very dangerous battle, but people faught for their good!

What desserts were ate during the Bunker Hill battle?

People don't eat dessert during a battle. It is not a party.

How many people fought on the confedent in the battle of Vicksburg?

20,000 people fought during the battle of Vicksburg

How many people was killed in the battle of boyne?

under 2,000 people died during the battle of the boyne

How many people died during the battle of liege?

Approximately 15,000 people died during the Battle of Liege. In total almost 30,000 people suffered injuries, death, or were captured.

How was the weather during the battle of Atlantic?

During the battle of the Atlantic the weather was freezing cold not much people survived the war.

How many troops survived in the Battle of Stalingrad?

It is known that 2.5 Million People fought during the Battle of Stalingrad and ruffly 1.85 Million People were killed during the Battle of Stalingrad, so Around 650,000 people survived that battle 2/3 of the Survivors were Soviets.

How many people died during the battle of Britan?

40,000 people

What were some interesting facts about the Battle of Vickburg?

About 20,000 people were lost during this battle

What was the skirmish about at Anahuac in 1832?

when dinosaurs ate all the cave people

What reason does Brutus gives for not going directly to philippi?

The people along the route to Philippi are loyal to the conspirators only because they were forced to be. When the enemy takes the route to Philippi they will likely side with the enemy to add to their numbers. Cassius goes along with Brutus. - See more at:

What did the dictators in Europe do during the war?

the dictators basically told people to kill people and what the battle plan was in the case of a battle

What events happened before the battle of bull run?

Two things that happened before the Bull Run were the accumulation of onlooking civilians; expecting it to be a small skirmish, and the accumulation of troops on both sides, the Confederates collecting 11,000 and the Union having 35,000 recruits. Union General McDowell was to collect 35,000 90 day volunteer soldiers just for the battle. The battle proved that the Civil War would be long and drawn out, not just for a small period of time as people thought while gathering to watch the 'skirmish.'

How many people are involved in the skirmish under the tree?

Four people are in involved in the skirmish under the tree. Jem and Scout are walking under the tree on the way home, Bob Ewell is there to murder them, and Boo Radley is there to save them.

What is the maximum number of people you can play with skirmish mode in foam fighter?


Who were the important people during the battle of Britain?

Adolf Hitler

How many people were captured during the Battle of Yorktown?


How many people died during battle of Gettysburg?


What did the people call the ironclad battleship during the civil war?

The Merrimac and the Monitor Battle OR the Ironclad Battle

What happened during the Battle of Bunker Hill?

the battle went brutally, lots of people died,each side left with less people

How many injuries were there in world war 2?

In Injuries their was about 100 million people wounded in battle during ww2 and their was 73 million people dead so atleast 175 million people were wounded or killed during battle

Where did the soldiers sleep during the battle of hastings?

People don't sleep during a battle. They fight or die. None of the soldiers slept it was only the commanders of the 1066

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How many people are finally involved in the skirmish under the tree?

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How many people are involved in the skirmish under the tree?

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