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It is odd that there is no agreed figure. Many online sources give a figure of about 554 for the air-raid of 14-15 November 1940.

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Q: How many people died in the Coventry blitz?
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How many people dies in the blitz?

32,000 people died during the blitz

How many people died in the London blitz in World War 2?

Around 18,000 people from London died during the Blitz. Overall, 46,000 People died.

How many died in Clydebank blitz?

528 people died and 617 people were seriously injured

What citys were involved in the blitz?

London, Coventry, Porstsmouth, Plymouth, Liverpool among many others.

How many people died in London in the blitz?

554 people died from the 14th to the 15th of November 1940

How many people died in the battle of Dunkirk?

30,000 and for a bonus 32k died in blitz

How many people died in the blitz World War 2?

A lot

How many people died on the first day of bombing the blitz?


How many people suvived in the blitz?

Everybody apart from the 50,000 civilians who died.

How many people died during the World War 2 blitz?

Lots">Lotsover 40,000!During the Blitz in London, roughly 40,000 civilians died and many many more were injured.

How did people cope during the London Blitz?

they didn't many people died because of fright

How many people died during the Belfast blitz?

Approximately 900 people died as a result of the bombing and 1,500 were injured. This was the greatest loss of life in a night raid during the Blitz, outside of London.

How many people were killled in the blitz?

how many pepople were killed in the blitz

How many people died in London during the blitz World War 2?


What cities were badly bombed in the blitz in World War 2?

Many British industrial cities were heavily bombed in the blitz. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry, Liverpool, Plymouth, Bristol, Glasgow, and many others.

How many people died in Cardiff during the blitz?

5000001 killed and 876452 seriously injured

How many women died in the Blitz?


How many people live in coventry?

300, 000

How many people live in coventry city?

The latest stats I can find are stats of 2001.In 2001, 300.848 people lived in Coventry City.

How many people were injured in the blitz?


How many people were in the blitz?

40 00000

How many people did the blitz kill?

during the blitz around 32,000 were killed sadly but 87,000 people were dangerously injured

What made coventry and London targets in the Blitz?

London was the a target as it is the capital city and home to a large population as well as the government and royal family as well as many famous landmarks, damage to any of these would potentially help to demoralise people. Coventry was a target due to its many factories helping to supply the war effort, destruction of these would help to prevent supply of weapons.

Why was the blitz important?

Because it affected many people

How many people were killed in the blitz?

roughly 32000