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... you can be sure it is far fewer than drowned in backyard Swimming Pools.

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Q: How many people died in the US or Georgia in 2004 from gunshot wounds caused by fully automatic assault rifles?
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How many people died in the US in 2008 from gunshot wounds caused by fully automatic assault rifles?

FBI Uniform Crime Report

What is the statute of limitations for felony assault warrant in Georgia?

Is it a criminal offense not to disclose that a harmful substance is being provided to a person that ultimately caused physical and emotional harm and/or damage.

How did 2pac get killed and who by?

He was killed by respiratory failure, which was caused by four gunshot wounds. The perpetrator was never caught.

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The carefully planned and executed successful assault by Alexander the Great.

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What is the mens rea of assault?

The mens rea for an assault is either the intention to cause another to fear immediate unlawful personal violence or recklessness as to whether such fear is caused. The test for recklessness is subjective.

What caused Georgia the most damage during the Civil War?

General Sherman's "March to the Sea" destroyed Georgia's land and resources.

Who caused the death of Lincoln?

John Wilkes Booth, who was a well-known stage actor of the time, assassinated Lincoln. Lincoln was killed by a gunshot wound to the head in a theater.

How long is jail time for assault?

It depends on the circumstances involved.. What kind of assault? assault with a deadly weapon ?, unprovoked attack ? Malicious act or to disfigure or if you caused a disfigurment, etc.. The laws of all states, while similar, address the offense differently.

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The Trail ofTears was caused by this event.

Can you be sued by a person who you were charged with aggravated assault and sentenced to 6 years probation?

Yes. You can be sued in civil court for damages and/or loss of income or for any other reason, that the assault may have caused the victim. It is NOT considered double jeaopardy.

Is shooting someone with bb gun a crime?

Yes, at the very least it would be assault. Possibly worse depending on the damage caused

Why are there so few Paleo Indians sites in Georgia?

the pressure of bad climate caused them to have to move

What caused the Army of Northern Virginia to never assault Washington DC during the US Civil War?

At various times when an assault on Washington DC seemed possible, Confederate General Robert E. Leenever attempted it. He never had the troop power or enough artillery to assault Washington DC or try to place it under siege.

What caused Confederate General Joseph E Johnston to almost lose his lines of communications in May of 1864?

Union General Sherman began his Georgia campaign in May of 1864. He was successful in launching a wide turning maneuver with about 25,000 troops. General Johnston's lines of communications were almost cut by the Union assault, however Johnston was able to retreat and protect those lines. This was at a cost, however, as Johnston had to abandon Dalton and Resaca Georgia.

Nebraska 3rd degree sexual assault M1?

The M1 means Class 1 Misdemeanor. (3) Sexual assault shall be in the third degree and is a Class I misdemeanor if the actor shall not have caused serious personal injury to the victim. A designation of F2 would be a Class 2 Felony and indicate personal injury in addition to the sexual assault.

Cause and effect of South Carolina's assault on Fort Sumter?

It was caused by the refusal of the North to surrender the Fort and resulted in the US Civil War.

What would cause a dodge Dakota to stall under braking?

if it is automatic then this would be caused by shift down is not working in transmission

What kinds of wounds are there?

chronic, such as the skin ulcers caused by diabetes mellitus , or acute, such as a gunshot wound or animal bite. Wounds may also be referred to as open, in which the skin has been compromised and underlying tissues are exposed, or closed

How much time do you get for assault?

It varies based on the jurisdiction, the type of victim, and the type of assault. For instance, simple misdemeanor assault can get you up to 120 days, while misdemeanor assault on a female can get you up to 180 days. Of course, a first offense of simple assault without any sentencing enhancements might only get you probation, a fine, and/or community service. Depending on the state, any sort of assault on a police officer is usually a felony. Similar is usually true of any sort of sexual assault. Depending on how it is defined by the jurisdiction, a felony is usually a crime which gets at least a year of time. Felony assault, also known as "aggravated assault" or "grievous bodily harm," which usually means you caused serious injuries to the other person or used weapons such as a gun or a knife, can get you much more time. Assault with intent to kill could get you up to about 21 years, though in most cases, the judge doesn't actually give that much.

How much is a failure to yield ticket cost in Georgia?

I had a fail to yield ticket that caused an accident and paid $214.

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