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Q: How many people died yearly from the measles in Medieval times?
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What was the cure for measles in medieval times?

There was no cure

How did the people in the medieval times connected?

the people in medieval times

How did people from medieval times bathe?

Usually, people in medieval times did not bathe -- and yes, they were rather stinky.

Did the people in medieval times have Christmas?

People in the Medieval times had Christmas, but it was different from what it is today. It was a religious holiday, and was not commercialized.

Can you have the measles 2 times?

no. you can not get the measles twice.

What did people call wife in Medieval Times?

the people of the medieval times called their wives "wife, women" or by their real name.

What were the people called who beheaded people in Medieval Times?

Executioners. (And the correct question should be "What were the people who beheaded others in medieval times called?").

Did medieval people play checkers back then?

Did the people from medieval times play checkers?

Why did people think water is unhealthy in Medieval Times?

In medieval times, the water had much harmful bacteria.

When eating did people of less importance eat below the salt in Medieval Times?

in medieval times people of less importance sat below the salt

How were people tortured in medieval times?

With sticks.

How did people travel in the medieval times?


What did people sleep on in medieval times?


What are nomads in medieval times?

nomads are people that live today since the medieval erea

How many time can you get measles?

i have heard it said that you can have measles twice, but both a family member and i have had the measles 5 times. i don't know if you can have it more than 5 times.

Who lived in a medieval house?

medieval people from the medieval times obviously i mean who else is gonna live there me

How did people have to behave around the king and queen in the medieval times?

In medieval times people had to show extreme deference to a King and Queen. They had to bow, and only speak when they were spoken to.

Where did people shop in Medieval Times?

In medieval times people shopped at open air markets. Every village had its own market to provide locals with the things that they need.

What did the medieval people use as plates?

yes they used bread as a plate in medieval times by kylie

Were people hanged in medieval times?

Hanging was one form of medieval execution for capital crimes.

What did medieval weapons do in medieval times?

kill people in many effective and particularly unpleasant ways.

Who did bakers bake for in the medieval period?

Bakers in medieval times baked for wealthy people and royalty.

How did people use maracas in the medieval times?


What were the punishments for people in Medieval times?

death by fire

What did people drink in medieval times?

Wine and Ale