How many people in the world use email?

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42, 032,786 people

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Q: How many people in the world use email?
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How many people use email world wide?

1.2 billion in 2007

Who uses Email?

Many people use email. It is just not as popular as facebook or myspace anymore. I use it. :)

How many people in the USA use email?

Almost everyone in the United States of America over the age of 7 have an email. Almost all of these people actually use their email.

How many people use emails?

over one million people have a email adddress

How many people can one put on their email list?

The number of people you can add to your email list depends on which email you use. It seems like regardless of which you use it is a rather large number and you will probably not max it out.

How many people don't use email?

people who generally don't have internet connection and children

When is the use of web mail allowed?

Many people use web based email all the time.

How much email does the average person send on a daily basis?

The amount of email the average person sends depends on a lot of various factors. If they use email for business, if they use email to keep in touch with family, how many friends they have who also use email, etc. For many people, the number is between 3 and 7.

How much does it cost to use Yahoo's FR email service?

Most email services now a days are free to use. Yahoo's email service is also free to use for the public. This is beneficial because not many people want to pay for email.

How many people use a telephone in the world?

About 70% of people in the world use mobile.

What people use email for?


How many people in the world use tobacco?

To Many!

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