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How many people live in Israel?


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September 06, 2010 12:23PM

Israel's population, as of September 2010, is 7,645,000, according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics. This is an increase of 1.8%, for the 7th consecutive year. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 75.5% Jewish
  • 20.3% Arab
  • 4.2% other

The statistics indicated that Israeli is a young nation, with about 28% of the people under the age of 14. (This compares to about 17% in most Western nations.) Only 10% are over 65 years old; in other Western countries, that average is roughly 15%.

When the country declared independence, there were only 806 thousand residents, but this number reached 1 million and 2 million in 1949 and 1958, respectively. In 1990, the population passed 5 million and in 1998, after the Soviet wave of immigration, it topped 6 million. The population is expected to reach 10 million by 2030, according to projections.