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How many people live in Israel?

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Israel's population, as of September 2010, is 7,645,000, according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics. This is an increase of 1.8%, for the 7th consecutive year. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 75.5% Jewish
  • 20.3% Arab
  • 4.2% other

The statistics indicated that Israeli is a young nation, with about 28% of the people under the age of 14. (This compares to about 17% in most Western nations.) Only 10% are over 65 years old; in other Western countries, that average is roughly 15%.

When the country declared independence, there were only 806 thousand residents, but this number reached 1 million and 2 million in 1949 and 1958, respectively. In 1990, the population passed 5 million and in 1998, after the Soviet wave of Immigration, it topped 6 million. The population is expected to reach 10 million by 2030, according to projections.

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Do only Jewish people live in israel?

No, many religions live in israel. Israel is 75% Jewish.

What is the name for people who live in israel?

The demonym of people who live in Israel is "Israelis." See also:More about Israel

Why do many people live in Israel?

Many people live in Israel because it has a booming economy and had massive immigration in nearly every decade, but especially the 1950s and the 1990s.

How many people live in Israel today?

7.5 million

Where do many Jewish people live today?

In Israel and the USA

How many people live in the holy land Israel?


How many million people live in Israel now?

Israel has a population of 7.65 million people of which 5.98 million are Jews.

What percentage of people live in urban areas of Israel?

about 91% of people in Israel live in Urban areas...... about 9% of people in Israel live in farmlands................ hope this helps!!!

Do Hebrews live in Israel?

Jewish people who speak Hebrew live in Israel.

How do the people of Israel live?

=== ===

How many people live in Israel's Negev?

i believe about 3,188,441r.1 peole live in the negev because the negev is half of israel and 6,276,883 people live in the whole israel and 3,188,441r.1 is half of 6,276,883.

How many Jewish people live in Israel?

As of 2013, approximately 6 million.

Why do the majority of people who live in Israel do so?

The majority of people who live in Israel are Jewish, and Israel is the country of the Jews, as designated by God (Genesis ch.28).

Do most people who live in israel live in aparments?


How many people live in Jerusalem Israel?

Jerusalem has 801,000 inhabitants. However, the border between Israel and the West Bank runs right through Jerusalem, so it is unclear how many of those people live in Israel according to international law. (According to Israeli Law, Jerusalem is one united city.)

Who are the Jews in nowadays?

Jewish people live in many countries, particularly the USA and their 'home': Israel.

How many Jews that live in Israel were born in Israel?

A little over 7 million Jews live in Israel and 67% of them were born in Israel

In what country do Israeli people live in?


What are people who live in israel called?


In what country do Israel's people live?


Where do many followers of judaism live?

Israel and America.

Why did Jewish people live in minorities?

When we were exiled from Israel, it was unavoidable.After we were exiled from Israel, it was unavoidable.

Where do Hebrew speaking people live?

Most Hebrew-speaking people live in Israel. The largest community of Hebrew speakers outside Israel is in the United States.Hebrew and Arabic are the two official languages of Israel.

Where do the majority of people that worship judaism live?


Were do the Hebrew's live?

Israel. The Hebrews people are Israelis.