How many people live in Wales?

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A total of 3,064,000 live in Wales (2011).
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Where do the majority of people in Wales live Near the coast up mountains etc?

The majority of people in Wales live near to the coast. South East Wales has the large cities - Cardiff, Swansea and the valleys to the north of these cities are also relatively heavily populated. In the North and mid-wales majority of large towns are on the coast. North East Wales has the largest t ( Full Answer )

What is the nationality of people who live in Wales?

The predominant nationality of people living in Wales is probably Welsh with English as the second commonest but many people from Ireland, Scotland and other countries now call Wales home.

Was Diana pricess of Wales live in Wales?

No she didn't. She lived at St. James's Palace in London while married to Prince Charles (the Prince of Wales). After her divorce she moved into Kensington Palace in London.

Why do people call wales 'Welsh wales'?

This generally means "Welsh-speaking Wales" -- a reference to those areas of the country where the Welsh language is commonly spoken, although sometimes people say "Welsh Wales" when they simply mean those parts of the country which look and feel "very Welsh". It's a translation of the Welsh phra ( Full Answer )

How many people live in Antarctica and how did they live?

No one 'lives' in Antarctica. People work and live in Antarctica -- both are required -- in support of science on a temporary basis. Maximum population on the continent during the height of summer may be up to 4,000 souls.

How many people did Josey Wales kill?

alot !!! because he also used the hand crank gattling gun on the union troops when the Confederates went in to surrender and they ambushed them and Josey was the only one that didnt surrender and therefore he wasnt led into the trap plus the shoot out at the end between Joseys gang of misfits at the ( Full Answer )

Why do people come and live in Wales?

Different people probably have many different reason including, relocating because of a new job, becoming a residential student at a Welsh college or university, retirement, moving to live closer to relatives and simply wishing to live in Wales.

What percent of the people of the UK live in Wales?

The current population of the UK is approximately 60 million. The current population of Wales is approximately 3 million. Therefore the percentage of the UK population living in Wales is currently 5%.

What percentage of people living in wales could speak their native tongue in 1991?

The current percentage of Welsh speakers in Wales is around 22%. But for many people in Wales, English is their native tongue. The English language has had a significant minority presence here from the earliest times. Both Cosmeston in the Vale of Glamorgan and parts of Swansea are examples of Welsh ( Full Answer )

Is Wales a good place to live?

Yes. it has loads of country life and i live there myself. i am not just saying it because i live there mind. i am saying it because wales has always been a great place to live, back in the day people travelled miles just to come and see one historic monument or some good wildlife.

Does Prince Charles live in Wales?

Yes, Prince Charles does live in Wales during some parts of theyear. He also owns homes in England and Scotland.

How many people live in Ruthin Wales?

It is approximately 5,000, although it varies above or below this slightly depending upon how many people move in and how many move out every 10 years or so.

How many bald people are in Wales?

Impossible one to answer! People lose their hair at varying rates in Wales as in any other nation, in addition to which there will be constant variations between those who move out of the country and those who move in to live there. It also depends upon how you classify 'bald'- just bald on top, or ( Full Answer )

How many people live in new south wales?

New South Wales, Australia has a population of 6. 918 millionpeople. New South Wales covers a total area of 309,432 squaremiles.

How many people are in south Wales?

Just under 3 million: The Office for National Statistics put Wales' population for mid-2008 at 2,993,400. See link below:

How many people are homeless in wales?

This is a very difficult question to answer, because there are actually no accurate official figures of the homeless. Because they have no fixed address or easy way to locate, homeless figures are usually very inaccurate and are based on educated guesses. The latest guessimate figures for 2012 hav ( Full Answer )

Did Ringo Starr live in Wales?

Starr grew up in the Dingles section of Liverpool. He later lived in and around London, with a house in Surrey and an apartment in Montagu Square. He later bought John Lennon's house, Tittenhurst Park. During the 1970s, he shared a Los Angeles house with Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Klaus Voormann and Kei ( Full Answer )

How long have people lived in Wales?

Probably since just after the end of the last ice age, around 10,000 BC. The first people in Wales were Capoids from Morocco, who went to Ireland from there in 9000 BC. They were hunter-gatherers, but also liked to look for gold. In addition, human ancestors like Homo Heidelbergensis lived in Wales ( Full Answer )

How many people speak Wales?

Do you mean how many people speak WELSH? It's impossible to give an exact answer to this, but within Wales itself, the total number of people who know, or speak, some Welsh is about a third- that is, about 1 million. The English media delight in claiming that only a fifth of Welsh people speak their ( Full Answer )

How many Homeless people in Wales?

ENGLAND: Is 7.6% Below Poverty Line WALES: Is 3.3% Below Poverty Line Estimated 0.2% Of Wales is homeless or 800 people

Where do most people live in Wales?

The majority of people who live in Wales live on, or near, the coast. The inland of the country is mountainous. Not to an uninhabitable level (people in the Alps and the Vosges live in far less hospitable environments), but the coastal area has all the best farmland, and nearly all the mineral weal ( Full Answer )

How many people in Wales get bullied?

ALMOST a third of school children from the ages 10-12 in Wales getbullied in a two-month period, according to a student survey.

How many Wales are there?

There is only one Wales, that part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland occupying a broad peninsula on the western side of the island of Great Britain. The island of Anglesey, separated from the mainland by the narrow Menai Strait, is a part of Wales. There are approximately ( Full Answer )

Where does the prince of Wales live?

Scotland. A place called Balmoral Castle. A better question would be, "Why does the Prince of WALES live in SCOTLAND?

Which ocean does blue Wales live?

Blue Whales can be found in almost every sea and ocean in the world. They were the most widely spread whale species until Man started hunting them down. They were once in numbers of around 200,000 or more and now there are only 20,000 or so animals left in the wild. They can be found in areas th ( Full Answer )

What is the phrase you live in Wales in welsh?

Dw i'n byw yun Cymru = I live in Wales Said..... do-ween biew(like view) un come- ri Ti byw yn Cymru= You live in Wales. Said......tea biew(like view) un come- ri

Where do orca Wales live?

other then humans, they are the most widley distributed species in the entire world. they live in ALL oceans. specifically: Washington state, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, (and the rest of south America) Australia and new zealand, sadly, japan, with the harpooners (who are p ( Full Answer )

Why were many people sent to New South Wales at first?

New South Wales was the first place in Australia to be colonised. The reason it was chosen was that James Cook and his botanist, Sir Joseph Banks, recommended Botany Bay as suitable for settlement, particularly a convict settlement. The site was far enough away that there was little likelihood that ( Full Answer )

How many people are learning to speak welsh in wales?

That depends on the area. A lot of people in the North of Wales learn Welsh as a first-language, or at the same time as English. However, in the South of Wales, it is more common to see people learning English then Welsh as a second-language. But almost all Welsh people learn to speak Welsh at so ( Full Answer )

Were does akiller wale live?

The killer whale is the largest of this type of mammal, and they are found in the oceans all over the world. Other than human beings, they are the most widely distributed creature in the world. Many of them have been found living in freshwater rivers too rather than just in the saltwater of the ocea ( Full Answer )

How many people were on the Prince of Wales ship from the First Fleet?

It is not known how many crew members were on the 'Prince of Wales' ship of the First Fleet, as accurate crew records were not kept. However, the ship carried only one male convict (who had tried to escape during the stop at Tenerife) and 49 female convicts.

How many sheep and people in Wales?

There are about 3 million people living in Wales... and 11 million sheep... that's about 3 and a half sheep to every person...

How many dolphins live in wales?

what? That answer makes no sense. But if you wanna know if dolphins can live with whales...they probobly can. After all an orca is a dolphin. It's the largest dolphin. Did you know that!

What dinosaurs lived in Wales?

Many types of non-avian dinosaurs lived in Wales, and it's fauna would not have been much different from that of the rest of western Europe.

How are daffodils adapted to live in Wales?

Daffodils need a lot of sun, plenty of non-standing water andadequate soil. They are survivors. The majority of daffodilvarieties, and definitely the wild types, grown where there are 4seasons. The bulb must have a period of cold in order to properlyproduce a flower in the spring. Wales makes a perf ( Full Answer )

How many people live in Pyle Wales?

In the year 2011, there were 3,064,000 people living in Pyle, Wales. Located near Cardiff, Pyle has four schools and is the hometown of the Welsh poet Bethan Williams.