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How many people owned slaves?

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In the USA in 1860, 385,000 people owned slaves. That's according to the Census of 1860.

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How many people owned slaves in Alabama?

There were thousands of people who owned slaves in the state of Alabama prior to the end of slavery. The slaves were used for manual labor on their farms.

How many members of congress owned slaves?

how many members of congress owned slaves how many members of congress owned slaves

How many people owned slaves in the north?

not a lot

Who among the Cherokee owned slaves?

The Cherokee Indians did not practice slavery. The Cherokee did have people that owned slaves, many did, in fact. Also, Choctaw and Seminole owned slaves, as did a few other tribes.

What fraction of southern whites owned no slaves?

6,100,000 Southern people owned no slaves.

How many southerners owned 20 or more slaves?

How many southerners owned 20 or more slaves

What are people owned by other people called?


How many whites owned slaves in 1860?

25% of southern white families owned slaves in 1860

What did ancient egypts slaves do for fun?

Slaves do not have fun. They are slaves and are people owned by another person.

How many delegates to the constitutional convention owned slaves?

25 of the 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention owned slaves

How many slaves did slave owners own?

The number of slaves that a slave owner owned depended on the size of his plantation. He may have owned a dozen or so, or he may have owned hundreds of slaves.

How many slaves did people own?

The average slave owner owned 5-10 slaves and a slave "farmer" can own over 50

Who told slaves what to do in ancient Rome?

The people who owned them.

What percent of southerners owned slaves?

1,900,000 southerners owned slaves, of which: 1,400,000 owned from 1 to 10 slaves; 300,000 owned more than 10 to 20 slaves; 200,000 owned more than 20 slaves.

What rights and freedoms did slaves have?

They were slaves and slaves have no rights or freedoms. They are people who are owned by other people. Just to leave the plantation they needed a pass.

How many slaves did William penn have?

William Penn had three slaves that he owned

How did white people stop slavery?

White people help stop slavery because too many slaves were running away, the whole community of white people who owned slaves were annoyed with other masters who owned slaves. People who were annoyed kept on reporting to the judge that it was affecting their business, so they decided to ban slavery.

How many slaves did most southern slaveowners have?

25% of southern slaves owner owned slaves. They had more then 50 slaves

Why did people brand slaves?

For the same reason you brand cows so they knew who owned the slaves.

Did the Romans have slaves?

Slaves were a very important part of Ancient Roman society. Your wealth was partly based on how many slaves you owned. Even poor people had at least one slave.

How were slaves treated-?

Many slaves were treated civil but many others were treated inhumane. It depended on who they were owned by.

What types of people were slaves?

Slaves were truly inncocent peoplle, that just had less power than some of the people that owned them!

Did all 13 colonies have slaves?

At some point all 13 colonies had slaves. They were not just owned by rich farmers. Even working class people in the Northern colonies owned slaves.

What is the define of slavery?

Slavery is the keeping of slaves as a practice or institution.Additional answerYes, but what are slaves? They are people who are forced to work against their will, and are owned as a piece of property is owned.

How wealthy was Edward iii of England?

very wealthy. he owned many gems and gold. he owned many slaves.