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roughly 900 million to 1 billion though some say 1.5 billion

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How many people practice Hinduism in Asia?

About a billion.

Who are the people that practice Hinduism are?

people who actually practise Hinduism today are called Hindus. In India Nepal & Myanmar & Mauritius people follow & practice Hinduism.

Where do people practice Hinduism?

They usually practice it in india.

How many people practice Hinduism in south Asia?

64% of the people in South Asia

Which people practice Hinduism?


What percentage of people in India practice Hinduism?

83 % of people in india practicing hinduism.

How many people practice Hinduism in India today?

In India 1 billion people follow Hinduism today. About 70 percent of its population is Hindu.

In which country do people practice mainly Hinduism?

In India, Nepal, Myanmar & Bali. People also practice Hinduism in minority through out the globe.

What religion Hindus practice?

People who practice Hinduism are called the Hindus.

Why do people worship hinduism?

They don't. They practice it.

What do you call people who practice Hinduism?


Are there taboos in the Hinduism religion?

There are not many taboos in the Hindu religion. The main taboo is eating beef or injuring a cow. Many people that practice Hinduism are vegetarians.

In which countries do people mainly practice Hinduism?

Hinduism is the majority religion in India and Nepal.

What religion did indus people practice?

Evidence showed practice of animism and Hinduism.

What famous people practice Hinduism?

Mahatma Gandhi

How do people practice Hinduism today?

they die in a hole

Some fundamental beliefs of people who practice Hinduism are?


Do any states have people who practice Hinduism?


Number of people who practice Hinduism?

19,000,000 million people pracice it

How many people practice Hinduism in India?

83% of Indian population of 114,7995,898 is Hindu (as of July 2008)

How many people practice Hinduism all over the world?

Somewhere between a billion and 900 million.

Why did Hinduism appeal to people who followed different religions?

Hinduism appeals to people of other religion because it offers them the freedom to practice. Other people find Hinduism as an integral religion.

Where can you find people who practice Hinduism today?

Nearly everywhere.

How do Hindus practice Hinduism?

Hinduism is a very complex religion. Though India practices Hinduism majorly but it has got many sub lingual, cultural and traditional groups based on castes which practice Hinduism in many different and vibrant manners. For example, the 'Rajputs' or the warrior caste in India practice Hinduism in a very royal and grand way and 'Brahmins' practice it in an entirely different way. So it depends on a caste and its culture.

Is Hinduism still practiced in India?

Yes, more thana billion people in India still practice Hinduism. Hinduism is a major Religion of India.