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How many people survived the holocause and what defense mechanisms did they use to survive?


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it was pure luck.


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They use their defense mechanisms, their teeth and claws, to ward off predators.

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Encapsulated bacteria can escape the body's defense mechanisms. These bacteria can, therefore, survive longer in the host & cause disease

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they have storage mechanisms... for example, cactus leaves (the spines... those prickly stuff sticking out) serve for defense, while the stem is for the storage... :D

They have a defense mechanism called predator satiation. This is a process where so many swarm in at once, that it's too many for the predators to eat them all. This allows the ones that survive to continue reproducing, leaving the species strong.

Yes. Survive (past tense - survived) is an action verb.

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Looking at the structure of plants, the bigger the structure of the plant the better chances it has to survive longer, but plants also guard themselves with different defense mechanisms such as poison, spines, prickles and thorns.

They survived by continuing with their religious ceremonies such as the Sundance.

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