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Google logs 2 billion searches a day. So probably 300 million people use Google a day.

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Q: How many people use the search engine 'Google' everyday day?
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What is the best search engine for searching people?

Google is the best search engine for search people.

Google created which search engine?

Google created the search engine that is titled "Google" and many people say "I'll Google that subject" instead of "I'll search for that subject."

What is the least popular search engine?

Now days!! Google is more popular search engine..60-70% people use Google search engine...

What is the best engine search to search for people-?

One of the best search engines to search for people is Google.

Is Google a website or search engine?

Google is a search engine. Exactly, Google is Search engine, You can search any website via Google search engine.

What type of search engine is Google?

Google is a profitable search engine.

How many people work for Google search engine?

about 20000

Is Google a meta search engine?

No Google is not a meta search engine. One of the oldest from 1999 and best is All the Internet. All the Internet is the biggest and best meta search engine on the Internet. It combines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex & Wikipedia into one search engine. So it 3x the size of the Google search index.

Who describe Google?

Google is one of the biggest organisations in the world. It has numerous products which help in everyday life. Google itself is the largest search engine in the world.

Why people are using Google?

Because Google is a most popular search engine in the world.

What Google is?

Google is a search engine.

Which search engine people use?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista these are the some examples of search engine. These search engines are very useful for people. I think most use search engine includes Google,Bing,Yahoo,ask,excite etc

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