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The generally accepted estimate of the total number of Jewish dead in the Holocaust is about six million.

The number of Jews killed in extermination camps and other concentration camps by the Nazis is widely estimated at about 3.8-4.0 million, of whom the majority were gassed. In addition about 200,000 gypsies were killed. A further 1.1 million Jews were murdered in open air shootings and about 800,000 perished from "general deprivation" - for example, in ghettos.


Many non-Jews were also killed by the Nazis including those deemed "defective" (deaf, blind, mentally retarded, crippled, homosexuals) as well as gypsies (the Roma people), Jehovah's Witnesses' and the many local peoples who starved to death across Europe during the war and those who were killed by stray bullets, bombs, collapsing buildings, disease, lack of clean food/water, etc.

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Q: How many people were killed in gas chambers?
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How were people gassed in the holocaust?

they were put into gas chambers, and the gas killed them

What happend in the Nazi death camps' gas chambers?

In the Nazi death camps' gas chambers people were killed with poison gas.

What killed the Jews the most gas chambers or fire?

The gas chambers.

What killed people in death camps?

getting shoot gas chambers and cremations of people

How did they kill the people at the Auschwitz death camp?

One wayy they killed people is gas chambers

How many could the Nazi's crematories kill at a time?

The crematoria did not kill people; people were killed in the gas chambers, then the corpses were cremated in the crematoria.

How many Jews were killed by gas chambers?

about three to three and a half million.

How did hiltler kill the Jews?

He killed many Jew's by putting them in gas chambers.

What are all the ways they killed people at treblinka death camp?

shooting them and gas chambers

Who were killed in gas chambers?

i believe that women, children, the sick and those that could not work were killed in the gas chambers during the holocaust. i believe that women, children, the sick and those that could not work were killed in the gas chambers during the holocaust. i believe that women, children, the sick and those that could not work were killed in the gas chambers during the holocaust.

How many Jews were killed in German gas chambers in world war 2?

I'm pretty sure that it was about 40% of the people who died.

How were Jewish people killed in the Holocaust?

they were killed by being murdered in concentration or death camps by gas chambers, starvation, or shot.

Why did Hana Brady get killed?

She died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. All children where sent straight to the gas chambers.

How many people were in the gas chambers?

Total of 2,568,743 Jews were gassed and a total of other 3.5 million people in total was killed

What were Jews in ghettos?

Ghettos were the camps where the Jewish people were forced to go and get killed in gas chambers.

Where did the Jews get killed?

During the Holocaust, Jewish people as well as many others were killed. Some of the terrible ways listed include gas chambers, fires, gunshots, and more.

How did the gas chambers work during the holocaust?

People were put in chambers that had shower heads, people would think they were going to take a shower. But they were poisoned with insecticides and killed.

How were kids treated by the Nazis?

They were killed in gas chambers.

What were prisoners searched for after they were killed in the gas chambers?


How were women killed in Holocaust?

Thrown in gas chambers shot with guns and many more things

What were the horrors of the Holocaust?

Hitler sent the jewish people to concentraition camps and killed them for no reason in gas chambers.

What killing device killed the most people in the holocaust?

Holocaust was a genocide of approximately 11 million people including six million Jews by the German Military. The most common method used for exterminating these people was the use of Gas Chambers. Several million people were killed by the use of Gas Chambers between 1941-45.

Were the Jews mostly killed by gas chambers or furnaces?

Killed in the gas chambers (disguised to look like shower rooms), and then their bodies were put in the furnaces to burn-up (dispose) of the bodies.

What atrocities happened in conentrationcamp during the holocaust?

There are so many atrocities that happened during the Holocaust. This includes people being killed, children being killed, and people put into gas chambers. People were forced to work and had no life of their own.

How did the gas chambers kill people in the Holocaust?

The chambers appeared to be showers, but what came out was not water, but gas. People inhaling the gas died.