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As of December 2016, exactly none.

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Q: How many peopole walked on mars?
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How many peopole are their in china?


How many people walk on Mars?

Zero. Nobody walks on mars, and nobody has ever walked on mars.

Pokemon plateinom How do you get past the two team galatic peopole who are guarding the bridge?

Help the little girl and defeat commander mars.

How many men have walked on Mars?

None yet

Can mars hold more or less people than earth?

There is about a chnace of people to hold on mars. Science say that there might be a 40 % chance of many people been holding on mars, but thing about it., Think about the mass of Mars and then thing of the mass of Eath. There might be a differnet but saying from everything, there is a chance that it can hold has many peopole as Eath. But 60% there is not a chance. So from out of 100% there will be only 43% people can be holded on mars and 57% not holded.

How many peopole are in Albania?

According to the 2011 census: 2,831,741

Have people walked on Mars?

No, no one has ever walked on Mars before.

Who was the person to first walk on mars?

No person has yet walked on Mars.

How many peopole died on the titanic?

1,517 out of 2,227 people died

How many peopole play on football team?

it differs,, however, it can go up to 99.

Did any man make it to planet mars?

No person has yet walked on mars.

Name the first rocket to land on mars?

I'm not sure but nobody was walked on mars!