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3.3 Million POW's were killed during World War 2, 3 Million alone just being Soviet POWs.

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Q: How many prisoners of war were killed during world war 2?
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How many prisoners were killed during world war 2?

2% died in Germany 30% in Japan

How many Political prisoners were killed in World War 2?


How many Jews or prisoners were killed durning World War 2?

Over 6,000,000 Jews were killed during WW2, but not everyone sent to a concentration camp died

How many Soviets were killed and taken as Prisoners of War during Operation Barbarossa?

802,191 Soviet Soldiers were killed during Operation Barbarossa. 3.35 Million Soviet Soldiers were taken as Prisoners of War.

Did the Nazis kill all of their prisoners?

No, the Nazis killed many people, but there were also many prisoners who survived to the end of World War II.

What was the Bataan Death March?

The Bataan Death March was a war crime involving the forcible transfer of prisoners of war, with wide-ranging abuse and high fatalities, by Japanese forces in the Philippines, in 1942, during World War II. In Japanese, it is known as Batān Shi no Kōshin meaning the same. apex many American prisoners were killed.

How many casualties when US dropped atomic bomb during World War 2?

There were 11 American prisoners of war killed by the atomic bomb.

Why was the Bataan Death March considered a war crime?

Many unarmed prisoners were killed.

How many Russian soildiers died during World War 2?

At least seven million were killed in action and another 3.5 million Prisoners of war died while in captivity.

How were victims treated in World War 1?

It depends on what is meant by a victim in this case. People can be considered a victim in any situation whether they are kidnapped or killed, and many people during World War I were killed, while some were also captured, and became prisoners of war.

Where were the female prisoners in the Holocaust?

Yes there were many, many female prisoners during the Holocaust.

How many US citizens were killed during World War 2?

1,700 US Civilians were killed during World War 2.

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