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Q: How many questions go unanswered you wonder?
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Related questions

Are there any unanswered questions?

Yes there are many unanswered questions. You can go to a category of your choice and click on "Unanswered questions" to see them.You can also click on "Unanswered Questions" at the top left of any page.

How can answer all of these questions?

It doesn't. People answer the questions. And I'm sure many questions go unanswered.

Are there any unanswered religious questions?

To find unanswered ones, go to the Religion section and on the left side of the page, click on Unanswered Questions.

What are some unanswered questions on

If you see the word unanswered next to a question, then its unanswered. You can also go to any category page. In the upper left corner, you will see the word "unanswered." Click on it and a page of unanswered questions for that category will load.

Why can't you view unanswered questions in Cars and Vehicles?

You can view unanswered questions in Cars and Vehicles. Make sure you are signed into your account. Then go on the left sidebar "Browse Categories" and search for that category. In the top left will be an option to filter "Answered" or "Unanswered" questions.

Where can you find unanswered questions about Pokemon?

You can go to the Pokemon category page and choose unanswered question there, or go directly to the page:Special:UnAnsweredQ

How do you answer questions on answerscom without waiting for people to ask a question?

Don't worry, we've got plenty of unaswered questions for you to answer! You can answer any unanswered questions in a category. Go to the category page and click on "Unanswered questions", and you'll get the entire list of unanswered questions in that category.

How are see unanswered question in wikianswercom?

Looking for unanswered questions on the wiki answer website is easy. All you have to do is go to the site and then click on the unanswered question and then answer them.

How do you find a list of the oldest unanswered questions on WikiAnswers?

The unanswered questions are listed in the order they were posted. To find the oldest question in a particular category - simply go to the last page of unanswered questions. That's what I did when I came on here today !

Why can't you answer questions on wikianswers?

You CAN answer a question, go to 'Unanswered questions' and type the category you want or go to 'New questions' to look for more questions.

How do you find unanswered questions in wikianswers?

Go to Browse Categories. Choose a category. Scroll down. On the left, there is a link Unanswered. Click that and it will show only unanswered questions (unless someone just answered it).

Do unanswered questions go away after a period of time and if so how long?

Valid unanswered questions will stay on the site forever, so they can be answered.Invalid questions, questions which break the rules or the law are deleted by Supervisors.

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