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Go to Browse Categories. Choose a category. Scroll down. On the left, there is a link Unanswered. Click that and it will show only unanswered questions (unless someone just answered it).

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Q: How do you find unanswered questions in wikianswers?
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Where on WikiAnswers can you find all the Unanswered questions about pandas?

Here's the link to the Unanswered questions about pandas:Special:UnAnsweredQ

Are the majority of questions on Wikianswers answered or unanswered?

The majority of questions on WikiAnswers are actually unanswered.

Where can you find a list of unanswered questions?

on WikiAnswers -----------Click the blue button up top that says answer. Then type in 'Unanswered Questions'.

What questions are unanswered on wikianswers?


How long are unanswered questions kept on the WikiAnswers website?

Unanswered questions are generally left on WikiAnswers indefinitely, unless of course they violate WikiAnswers' policies.

How do you find a list of the oldest unanswered questions on WikiAnswers?

The unanswered questions are listed in the order they were posted. To find the oldest question in a particular category - simply go to the last page of unanswered questions. That's what I did when I came on here today !

Where can you find unanswered Math questions on WikiAnswers?

You can find them in the Math category. See 'related links'.

How can you find questions that have not been answered on WikiAnswers?

Just click on "Unanswered questions" in the green bar at the top.

Where can you find unanswered questions about horses on WikiAnswers?

A click on the link below will take you to the unanswered questions about horses. answer questions in the Horses category, you will see 2 options: "All unanswered questions" or "New questions."

Why is WikiAnswers shite?

Because half the questions are unanswered.

Were can i find the unanswered qestoin id like to contribute?

If you can't navigate the site, just google wikianswers unanswered questions and it will take you in the site the back way.

What is the purpose of 'unanswered questions' on WikiAnswers?

The purpose for the Unanswered questions is for other members of WikiAnswers to answer any question that other users have about almost everything. That way the people who ask the questions are happy to have help and the people who answer the questions are happy to help.

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