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The nations premier environmental resource & 24-7 toll free national recycling telephone hot line together listing more than 74,000 recycling centers offering more than 400,000 recycling services

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Ten (10) U.S. States have laws that pertain to recycling they are ;

  1. California ...
  2. Connecticut ...
  3. Delaware ...
  4. Hawaii ...
  5. Iowa ...
  6. Maine ...
  7. Massachusetts ...
  8. Michigan ...
  9. New York ...
  10. Oregon ...
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approximatly 2,245 people DO NOT recycle thats what i think joke i dont care alot who cares it wont make a difference if you know

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Q: How many recycling centers are in the US?
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How many recycleing centers are in California?

28...recycling centers in California

Why do you have recycling centers?

because in the recycling centers we recycle we can't recycle without them

Do Pennsylvania recycling centers take large appliances?

yeah sure they have many friges and freezers

Any list of recycling center for plastic bags or cellophane?

To find recycling centers that accept plastic bags or cellophane, you can check with your local municipality's recycling program, big box retailers like Walmart or Target which often have recycling bins for plastic bags, or use websites like Earth911 or RecycleNation to locate recycling facilities near you that accept these materials. Remember to check if the accepted items include cellophane as it may not be eligible at all centers.

Will my recycling center be likely to accept used toner cartidges?

Recycling centers do accept toner cartidges. There are also many charities that are looking for toner cartidges.

Where can you sell Soda Can Pop Tops?

recycling centers

Can you smash the can before taking them to the recycling centers?


How are recycling centers good for the environment?

Recycling centers are good for the environment by providing locations where people can bring items for recycling rather than throwing them in the garbage. Everything that is thrown in the garbage goes to landfills whether recyclable or not.

All recycling centers should offer free home recycling pick-up services so that more people will recycle.?

All recycling centers should offer free home recycling pick-up services so that more people will recycle.

What types of products are accepted at recycling centers?

Recycling centers typically accept aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, and wine bottles. Most centers also accept paper products such as newspapers, cardboard, and magazines.

What kind of paper products can I bring to cardboard recycling centers?

Cardboard and paper are the two major options here, but some cardboard recycling centers may allow more.

Who Purchases Recycled Materials from Recycling Centers?

Anyone can buy materials from recycling centers. They are not limited to companies. If your trying to buy something from a recycling company i suggest you go talk to them about it so that the recycled materials don't end up elsewhere.