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it has 4 rings. the halo, main, and 2 gossamer rings.

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Jupiter doesn't have any rings, and Saturn has 2 rings.

Jupiter has AT LEAST 72 moons and I don't know how many rings. I love astronomy!

Rings of Jupiter was created in 1979.

There are three rings I don't know about satellites

it was about 63 rings and 4 large rings.

Yes, there are rings on Jupiter and Neptune, and sideways rings on Uranus.

Earth doesn't have rings. Only Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune have rings.

Jupiter has astroids that look like rings, I think

it has rings but not icy rings

=Jupiter has one ring going all around it.=

Jupiter has three, the main, halo, and the gossamer. Saturn has a lot.

Planet Luna has no rings but Saturn Neptune Uranus and Jupiter

The Moon has no rings. The only planets that have rings are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

It is very likely that the ancient Jupiter just happened to be in the right place to gather in huge amounts of gas molecules in space. Jupiter has many moons, but no rings.

Saturn has more rings than Jupiter.

No. The rings of Jupiter are debris ejected from its moons.

Jupiter is bigger and nearer; Saturn has rings. They both have many moons.

The four gas giants in our Solar System have many rings: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.Saturn has the most rings.

Jupiter is known to have 4 sets of rings: the halo ring, the main ring, the Amalthea gossamer ring, and the Thebe gossamer ring.

Saturn because it is called "Lord of Rings" because it has the largest amount of rings and Jupiter has the least amount of rings.

Only three planets in the solar system have rings. These are the planets Jupiter, four rings; Saturn, with seven rings and Uranus with 13 rings.

no i don't think that Jupiter has ring

No Jupiter does not have any rings at all!