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Q: How many schools are there in Pakistan?
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Are there boarding schools in Pakistan?

yes there are boarding schools in pakistan

What is the total no of schools in Pakistan?

If you collectively count all schools (Primary, Middle, and Secondary) roughly there thousands of schools operating in Pakistan. According to Government of Pakistan there are over 151000 Primary Schools, 14800 Middle Schools and over 10,000 High Schools registered in Pakistan.

Pakistan ranking in schools?

In Pakistan, ranking of business and engineering schools is determined by the HEC.

Are there any boarding schools in Karachi Pakistan?

No, but there are a number of boarding schools in other cities in Pakistan.

Where does Sharif education complex come in Pakistan's top schools?

It is in the top 15 schools of Pakistan

Are there private schools in Pakistan?


How many people visit Pakistan?

monthly, yearly or in tourist season? on what ground visit? to see and enjoy Pakistan or to meet with relatives, for medical care or to study in religious schools in Pakistan?

Top ten schools in pakistan?


What is the best syllabus for schools in Pakistan?


Which are the top 20 schools in Pakistan?


Do schools in Pakistan have school teams?


Where are Pakistan wrestling schools?

There are no wrestling school in and my brother practice wrestling by ourself..

Name of schools and colleges are affiliated?

names of schools & colleges are affiliated in Karachi (Pakistan)

What are the best schools of Pakistan for o levels?


Which are the top 100 schools in Pakistan?

At what number is Froebles International school in the school rankings in pakistan

What are the best dental schools in Pakistan?

One of the best dental schools in Pakistan is Riphah International University's dental school. This dental school is located in Islamabad.

What are the problems and their solutions of Education in Pakistan?

no water in schools, no classes in schools, no teachers in school , etc

What is the fee of the army schools in Pakistan?

Osama bin laden

Is Lahore grammar school best school in Pakistan?

Yes.... LGS is one of the best schools in Pakistan actually this is the secont best school in pakistan after aitchison !!

How many cities of Pakistan?

how many cities in the Pakistan

How many bridge are in Pakistan?

how many bride in Pakistan

Total Number of schools in china?

No. of scientist research papers written in Pakistan

List of schools in ravi road Lahore Pakistan?

moon public school

What percentage of people go to schools in Pakistan?

96 percent go to school

Which are the top 10 law schools in Pakistan?

st anthony faisal town ..........