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Q: How many seats are in a train?
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How many seats does a Singapore mrt train have?


How many seats are there in each Singapore MRT train?


How many seats are for ladies quota in a birth or train?


1 When Kelly got on board The Polar Express there were 31 seats available The train has a total of 159 seats How many seats were already filled?


What are train seats made from?

What are train seats made from?=''Train seats are made from a metal called 'Steel'. It is carved into shape and topped with Plastic so if a body part is bashed against it, it doesn't hurt as much. They are then topped again with material (like bus and car seats!) and they are welded together to make the 2 seats. Tables are made the same way but without the material.''=

How many seats in ac 2 tier for train no 12618?

12618 2 tier and 3 tier difference

Does a bullet train hold more passengers than a passenger train?

No, as it has less passenger seats

How many miles is Tokyo Japan from Osaka Japan buy bullet train?

Shinkansen takes about 2 1/2 hours. About 13000yen for reserved seats, unreserved seats or standing is cheaper.

What are some places where they have uncomfotable seats?

Many public places are known for having uncomfortable seats. Places such as movie theaters, bus stops, doctor offices, train stations, and post offices are likely to have such seating.

What is the title of a gospel song with the following lyrics - five seats left to go before we ride on that glory train four seats left before we hear that train whistle blow...?

Just bumping this to see if anyone knows the answer.

How many seats are there in the stadium?

how many seats are there in the stadium

What do you mean by chair car in train?

It's a passenger car furnished with just seats.