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if a silver dollar is 90% silver it would take 1 and 1/10th silver dollars to make an ounce of silver

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Kennedy half dollars minted from 1965 to 1970 contained 40% silver which is 0.1479 ounces. Doing the math it works out to be 6.76 half dollars are required to equal one ounce of silver.

Your weight of silver would equal 4 dollars and 39 cents. Silver is around 21 dollars per every troy ounce.

3 well equal a little more than a ounce of silver.

One troy ounce of silver = 0.91146 gramsThere are thirty one grams in a Troyounce.

silver dollars should all be 1 ounce give or take a few grams

One American Silver eagle dollar will make an ounce of silver. Only silver dollars dated 1935 and older contain silver. They contain about .77 troy ounces of silver. So about 1.3 Silver dollars 1935 and older would make an ounce of silver.

1 grain is 64.799 milligrams avoirdupois ounce is equal to 437.5 grains troy ounce is equal to 480 grains 1000 gr of silver (or anything) is 2.286 avoirdupois ounce or 2.0833 troy ounce

Less than 2. A silver dollar is 94% of a normal ounce, and 85% of a troy ounce. Keep in mind that this is for the entire coin, only 90% of it is silver with the remaining 10% being copper.

Each Kennedy half that was minted in '64 or earlier had .36 troy oz of silver meaning a little less than three would equal an ounce of silver which is running for 29.30 an ounce last i checked. <><><><> Half dollars made 1965-1970 contained only 40% silver, instead of the 90% of earlier coins, so it would take more coins. Half dollars made after 1970 contain no silver.

One gram is equal to .035274 ounces. After conversion then, in one ounce of silver there are 28.3495 grams of silver.

US silver quarters weighed 6.25 gm. If you're referring to standard American weights, 1 ounce is 28.35 gm so it would take just under 5 quarters to equal an ounce. If you're referring to silver weight, the coins were 90% silver (i.e. 5.625 gm of pure metal) and a troy ounce is about 31.1 gm so you'd need about 5½ quarters to yield a troy ounce of silver.

31.1 grams in a troy ounce of silver.

14 silver dimes equal just little more than 1 troy oz. Each coin has .07234 oz of pure silver.

No true silver dollar (1794-1935) has a full ounce of silver. The Actual Silver Weight is .77344oz of pure silver. So less then two.

4-23-11>> The spot price of silver is $46.61 per ounce, Morgan dollars each contain .77344oz of pure silver. $46.61 X .77344= $36.05 so the answer is one.

A quarter weighs 5.67 grams. So five clad quarters would equal one standard ounce.

Four 40% Eisenhower dollars= a little more than 1 & 1/4 oz of silver.

1 troy ounce of silver is 31.103g

A bit less than 14 dimes makes a troy ounce of silver.

There are .7736 troy ounces in United States silver dollars (Morgan, Peace silver dollars). That worked out to the price of silver being fixed at $1.29/ounce. Troy ounces are heavier than avoirdupois ounces (31.1g vs. ~28g).

2an ounce of fluid is equal to how many tablespoons22 Tbs=1fluid ounce

A modern American Silver Eagle $1 Coin contains 1 ounce of silver. Be careful though. Many people mistakenly think that old silver dollars are also "eagle" dollars, but they aren't/ Those coins were were minted for spending and contain about 25 grams of silver.

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