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How many soda pop cans in a pound?

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How many pop cans makes a pound?

31.92 cans

How many pop cans does it take to make a pound?


How empty pop cans make a pound?

127456 empty pop can make a pound!

How many pop cans make ton?

A ton is 2,000 pounds so divide how much a pop can is by 2000 For example: A pop can weighs 1/2 pound. 2000/.5 is 4,000 pop cans

How many cans are in a case of soda pop?

all my life a 6 pack had 6 cans, a 12 pack consisted of 12 cans, abd a case consisted of 23 cans.

When the uranium atom splits what does not get released?

Soda pop cans.

If you were a 90 pound pop-drinking leech how many 12 ounce cans of soda pop could you drink in one sitting?

hello sir i would drink about three cases of ful strengh coke in one sitting. can anbody beet that record.

Is a can of soda good for you?

It depends on witch kind of can you're talking about. The soda pop cans can be good for you in little tiny ways.

Can a person bring pop soda cans onto an airplane if in their checked luggage?


What is an example of a card stacking fallacy?

Cans of pop(or soda) say "low sodium," which is only one positive aspect of drinking pop.

How many cans are in a pop machine?

There is no exact number for this, each soda machine can hold different amounts of sodas. The average Pepsi machine would probably hold around 100-200 cans.

Where did the word soda come from?

"Soda" comes from the early sophisticated name for seltzer which was soda siphon. People have since shortened the name and adapted it to what is now known as "soda". The name "pop" comes from the sound that the cans and bottles make when you open them. So soda pop is both together

Can you still donate pop tops from soda cans for cancer treatments ad if so where?

Well the Mc Donalds House collects soda tabs.......

How many pop cans does it take to reach the top of the Empire State Building?

3,049 pop cans to reach the top!

How many cans of coca-cola pop cans are produced per minute?

6400000 cans

How much does a can of soda pop weigh?

The average 8oz aluminum pop can weighs 14 grams. 8 fluid oz of soda averages 1/2 pound. There are 453.5924 grams in a pound. So 1/2 pounds equals 226.7962 grams. So the soda alone weighs about 226.7962 grams Add the cans weight of 14 grams to the average weight of the soda 226.7962 grams. Which means the average can of pop weigh 240.7962 grams or .5552 pounds. I seen this data and decided to check the facts. The measured of the average of 5 empty cans is 15.6 grams. The average weight of soda in a can is 353.09 grams. The can says there is 355 gram of soda. Ten of the samples were 2-3 grams below the 355 gram baseline. The other two samples were 2 grams heavier.

How many teaspoons of sugar does a bottle of soda have?

The amount of sugar in soda pop varies from soda pop to soda pop. The average amount is 8 - 20 teaspoons, depending on variety choosen.

Bonnie went to the grocery store to by some soda pop She noticed that diffent brands's cans contained varying amounts of pop Gator Dew cans contained 355 milliliters sweet cola came in 360 milliliter?


How many pop cans in a cubic yard?


How many cans of pop in a gallon?

1 gallon equates to about 10.7 12-ounce cans.

Which is stronger the pressure of the air outside or inside the can?

the pressure difference, depends upon the can, and what it contains, in food cans, the pressure is equil, however in soda pop cans the pressure is higher on the inside

Are pop cans a physical or chemical change?

Pop cans are produced by physical processes.

What mineral is mined for pop cans?

Pop cans are aluminum, made from the mineral bauxite.

Is Ginger Ale Pop?

by pop, im hoping you mean soda, as in soda-pop. and yes ginger ale is a soda-pop

When you visit Arizona would you ask for 'a soda' 'a 'pop' or a 'soda pop'?

In Arizona, you would ask for a soda or a soda pop.

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