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That really depends on the pool size. The store selling the product will know the formula.\k

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Q: How many solar rings does it take to cover a pool?
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Do you leave the solar pool cover on an above ground pool while the pool filter is running?

Yes, the solar pool cover does not effect the filter.

Should you leave the solar cover on while running a heater for pool?

I always left the solar cover on the pool except when I was swimming in it. The solar cover provided enough heat so I did not need to turn on my heater. If the heater pushes the solar cover aside, remove the solar cover from that part of the pool.

Can a solar pool cover be left on a pool in the winter?

It serves no purpose to leave the cover on the pool.

Can you add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on?

It's not possible to add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on. You will need to remove the solar cover from part or all of the pool in order to put optimizer or other pool treatment products into your swimming pool water.

Pool solar cover?


Can you use a solar pool blanket instead of a pool cover?

Yes, you can.

How do you cut a solar pool cover for a free form pool?

Empty the pool and place it upside-down on the cover. Trace with razor.

Will it strain the pool pump motor while running when the solar pool cover is on?


Which way up dose a solar pool cover go?

The side of the pool cover with bubbles is the lower side.

When should you remove your pools solar cover?

when you are in the pool

How do you make heat in a pool with the sun?

Hi there,A few ways:solar heater - solar panels either on the ground or a roof with water from the pool being pumped through themsolar pool cover - a cover directly on the pool surface which helps trap heat from the sun and also prevents evaporation (biggest cause of heat loss)chemical "blanket" - a commercially available product which creates a thin layer on the surface of your pool to help trap heat and reduce evaporation - last about 30 dayssolar rings - these float on the pool surface and join together with magnets to form a kind of pool cover to heat water and slow evaporation.ALWAYS try to use a pool cover first as evaporation causes about 80% of pool heat loss.

Can you shock your pool while using a solar blanket?

You shouldn't. The solar cover will keep the chlorine from disolving in the sun. Take the cover off and shock the pool. When the chlorine drops to a normal level cover the pool again if you use a blanket.

What is The difference in a solar blanket and a solar cover?

They are the same thing basically. Pool Cover, Solar Cover, solar Blanket are all used interchangeably. It's basically some material, usually a plastic bubble mesh or vinyl covering that goes over the pool. The exception to this is Winter Cover which generally is heavier and designed to protect your pool during long winter months.

How do you heat an above ground pool?

locate pool in sunny area, use a solar water heater, solar pool cover, pool heater or enclosed sun room

What are solar pool blankets used for?

Solar pool blankets are used to cover the swimming pool. The benefits of using solar pool blankets include passive heating, reducing chemical consumption, saving energy and money.

Does a solar cover keep water in your pool?

Yes, the solar cover helps to prevent evaporation, (water turning to water vapor and leaving the pool). Evaporation is also one of the major causes of heat loss to a pool.

What is the price range for pool covers?

It is depends on the type, brand and size. It cost about $219 for the 10m x 6m solar swimming pool blanket cover and $512 for the solar pool cover 500 micron series.

What direction do you put pool solar cover?

Bubbles down

We have been told that solar rings are as good as solar heat do you no whether this is true as we want to buy 7 for our 18' above ground pool?

With that grade of a small pool your best bet would be the solar rings. The cost for solar would be far more than 20 times greater than the cost the pool and equipment itself.

What heats a pool better solar rings or solar blanket?

The effect is that Solar Sun Rings with 70% to 80% coverage outperform bubble pack solar covers with 100% coverage. cheers mark tahiliani (jm)

How do you heat a outdoor pool?

With a gas heater or solar or both and/or a solar cover or blanket. But I am assuming that you mean an above ground pool ~ then use the latter (solar blanket) .

How much will a solar pool cover increase the water temperature?

A standard bubble pool cover and increase your pool water temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to warm up a swimming pool?

Get a solar cover, cover it and should warm up faster

Can you leave your solar cover on and then cover your pool?

Chemicals in the water will degrade the plastic and diminish the life span of the solar cover, you can do it, but storing the cover dry is the best solution if you want it to last.

Will a concrete pool with no reflective liner heat up faster with or without a solar cover during the day?

A pool with a solar cover will absorb the heat faster during the day and when left on the pool over night it will prevent the loss of heat.