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4,491 U.S. service members were killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2014.

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Q: How many solders died in Iraq?
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How many solders have died during the Iraq war?

4236, in Iraq. 645, in Afghanistan.

How many American solders are in Iraq?

About 177,000 coalition soldiers are active in Iraq

How many solders and civilians have died in Iraq and Afghanistan combined?

in excess of 75,000 since desert storm and through current war

How many solders die in Iraq every day?

way too many

How many US solders died in World War 1?

117.000 solders died

How many American solders die per day in Iraq?


How many us solders died in the civil war?

110,070 died battle in total 359,528 solders,:)

How many us solders were killed in Iraq?

way too many. lets just leave it at that.

How have Iraqi children been effected by the Iraq war?

The children in the Iraq war are being used to become young solders. The adult solders are kidnaping them from their famlies and taking them to their hideout and then brainwash them and train them to become solders.

How long have solders been in Iraq?

12 years

Are there any army hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan for british solders?

Yes there are 2 or 3 the hospitals in Iraq and aftghanistan

How many solders died at Salamis?

None. It was a naval battle.

How many solders died in the Danish war of 1863?


How many solders died in World War 1?


How many wv solders died on d-day?

What is "wv' .

Why is the Iraq war bad?

because it is dangerous in Iraq, after the president Saddam Husein failed people start doing what they ever want nobody there tell them what they have to do. American solders went to Iraq to help but, it is getting more worse in Iraq after the solders went there. i hop that's answer help your question:) thanks

How many American solders died during the Korean conflict?


How many Australian solders died in World War 2?


How many Russian and German solders died during the Battle of Berlin?

millions and millions have died

How many peolle died US solders in the gulf war?

Approximately 30 US Sailors died when an Iraqi plane launched missile struck the USN warship USS Stark during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) in the Persian Gulf.

How many Turkish soldiers were died in World War one?

15000 Turkish strong solders were died

How many hessian soldiers died in the Battle of Trenton?

more than 3000 solders died in Trenton

What diseases did many solders die from in the civil war?

They mostly died from infections.

How many soldiers from Puerto Rico have been killed in Iraq?

How many Panamanian died in the war of Iraq

How Many French Solders Died In World War 1?

205,678 no, I learned in school that 1,3 million died

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