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Harald Hardrada was not at The Battle of Hastings, he had been killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge near York by the army of Harold Godwinson.

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Yes!!! Harold Godwienson got crowned king during the battle of Hastings! But not for long. Harold Godwienson beat Harald Hadraada in the 1st part but then he unfortunately got killed by William the Conqueror.

The Viking Harold was Hadraada, the other (the English one who who got the arrow in his eye) was Godwinson.

He didn't really have that much luck, but he did manage to kill Harald Hadraada and his brother Tostig.

Harold Hardraada didn't fight in the battle of Hastings Harold Godwinson did.

As haraold godwineson had just fought a battle against harold hadraada and was not prepared as his troops were exhausted from the walk from stanford bridge to Hastings and did not bring any forces (horses or archers) to improve his chances of winning the battle

yes king Harold hadraada was king of normandy

William I and Harold II fought in the Battle of Hastings.

There were 2 battles in 1066. First, Harold Godwinson fought Harald Hadraada at Stamford Bridge. After winning, Harold Godwinson fought William of Normandy in the battle of Hastings. This time, Harold lost, and was killed when he was shot in the eye by an arrow.

Battle of HastingsYes he did outwit harold at the battle of hastings. Although harold was a bit silly to come down the hill when william prentend to go.

Harold Godwinson won it against Harald Hadraada

Harold Hadraada got an arrow shot in his eye,, when William,, Duke of Normandy,, ordered his men to fire up into the air. This then killed him xx

Will (iam) won the battle of Hastings against Harold godwinson

William defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings

Harold Hardrada was defeated and killed at the battle of Stamford Bridge. Therefore he didn't participate in the Battle of Hastings.

Harold Godwinson and king Harold II

At the Battle Of Hastings

No one really knows what sort of life Harold spent before he went to the Battle of Hastings

Harold took about 7500 soldiers with him in the battle of hastings. He led 500 housecarls and 7000 fyrd.

Harold Godwinson lead the Saxon army to the battle of Hastings.

William DID NOT LOSE THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS!!! Harold Godwinson did.

in the battle of Hastings there was Harald Hadria , there was Harold Goodwin's and finally there was William the conqueror

King Harold Goodwinson died at the battle of Hastings after being defeated by William

He fought William the Conqueror in the battle of Hastings but in York he fought Harold Hardrada. Your question is not kinda right so I'll explain more detailed: In York Harold fought Harold Hardrada another man who wanted to be King so then Harold Godwinson won the battle Straight after that he marched all the way to Hastings to fight against William the Conqueror So in other words Battle of Hastings was in Hastings and the York battle was against Harold Hardrada. Hope that helps xx

King Harold II (Harold Godwinson); was killed at the Battle of Hastings.