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How many soldiers died in Iraq?


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US Military casualties confirmed to date are 4314.

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2,872 soldiers have died as of 2006 2,872 soldiers have died as of 2006

According to globalsecurity.org, the number of soldiers who have died in Iraq between March 2003 to September 2009 is 4,262.

How many Panamanian died in the war of Iraq

179 british soldiers dead in Iraq as of 2009 There is a link below.

No Australian soldiers have died in actual combat in Iraq. Reason being they are intentionally kept out of the hot spots.

37 Jewish American soldiers have died in Iraq War. Profiles of those who gave their lives are at the Related Link below.

Not even close. 58,000 US Soldiers alone died in Vietnam. 4,805 Coalition Soldiers died in Iraq.

2001 to 200914280 soldiers died only inAfghanistanand 13456 in Iraq

probably all thats why theres no infomation.

Over 2 million soldiers were deployed for duty in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 6 thousand of these soldiers died.

Feb 17, 2010 - There has been 4,380 marines killed in Iraq.

Between 300,000 and 900,000 Iranian soldiers and militia died.

2001 to 200914280 soldiers died only inAfghanistanand 13456 in Iraq

that's ridiculous there have been many Jewish soldiers who have died fighting there were no Jewish soldiers killed in that war. Need to know the Number of Jewish soldiers killed in Vietnam, Korean War, and Iraq.

There were many American soldiers that were killed in the Iraq war. This number was in the hundreds and thousands.

so far 4,365 soldiers have been killed in the Iraq war

as of dec 08 there were 4200 soldiers in Iraq but by July 09 there will be up to 400. .

About 3000 died at around the end of 2006... sad, isn't it?

About more than millions of them are in Iraq

About 177,000 coalition soldiers are active in Iraq

There have been a great many American soldiers that have fought in the Iraq war. This number is multiple thousands.

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