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Approximately 2,594,000 US Servicemen served in the Vietnam War.

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1 of the disadvantages of the Vietnam war for the US soldiers were that Vietnam soldiers were stupid.

A total of 58,168 American soldiers died in Vietnam during the Vietnam War!!

The total number of New Zealand soldiers that were killed or died in the Vietnam War was 37. There were 187 soldiers wounded.

49 000 soldiers were sent to fight in the Vietnam war.

See: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

Over 58,000 US servicemen died during the Vietnam War.

i think that the soldiers were affected by the Vietnam war because when they came back from the Vietnam war many of them were messed up from what they saw over their

Over 58,000 US servicemen were killed in the Vietnam War.

Approximately 2,594,000 US Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen, served "in country" during the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War had affected US soldiers by leaving some of them with psychological issues and leaving many homeless when they returned home.

About 2.1 million US servicemen served in Vietnam.

The official number is 303,635 wounded in the Vietnam War

Indiana lost over 1,500 men in the Vietnam War.

they were partially treated of the univesati of michigan .i.

The state of Washington sacrificed 1,050 men in the Vietnam War.

In America. the American soldiers? No. In Vietnam - the Vietnamese Viet-Cong? Yes.

The total number of soldiers that were in the Vietnam War was 536,100. After the war ended, there were 58,193 deaths.

The soldiers used the orange clusterbombs in Vietnam.

The total number of military casualties from both sides in the Vietnam War was 1.475 million.

See website: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

Recommend researching: Statistics About The Vietnam War-Recommended by the History Channel.

Over 3,000 Australian Servicemen wounded in Vietnam.

Over 58,000 US Servicemen were killed in Vietnam.