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they died will because of the shooting of the enemy why do you think 2345

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How was the Vietnam war bad?

Thousands of young soldiers died. Most of them where under 18.

How many us soldiers died in vietnam?

A total of 58,168 American soldiers died in Vietnam during the Vietnam War!!

How many US soldiers died in Vietnam under president Kennedy?

I found a listing of 401 soldiers died in Vietnam but that includes the years 1959-1964. I have not found how many died from 1961-1963 which would have specified Kennedy's Presidency.

Have more troops died in Iraq then Vietnam?

Not even close. 58,000 US Soldiers alone died in Vietnam. 4,805 Coalition Soldiers died in Iraq.

How many New Zealand soldiers died in the Vietnam war?

The total number of New Zealand soldiers that were killed or died in the Vietnam War was 37. There were 187 soldiers wounded.

What are the names of soldiers dead in Vietnam?

There are many soldiers that died in Vietnam, if you want a complete list for Americans go to the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C.

How many us soldiers died in Vietnam in 1966?

Approximately 3,323 US servicemen died in Vietnam in 1966.

How many Americans died during the Vietnam war?

58,226 American soldiers died in Vietnam or were listed as missing in action.

Names of south carlino soldiers that died in Vietnam?

See: Vietnam War casualties by state.

How many Hispanic soldiers died in Vietnam?

Approximately 170,000 Hispanic US Servicemen fought in Vietnam; approximately 3,070 of them died there.

How many African-American soldiers died in Vietnam?

See website: Statistics About the Vietnam War.

How many soldiers from Puerto Rico died in Vietnam?

Puerto Rico lost 345 men in Vietnam.

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