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There was an estimated total of 10,000 casualties of allied soldiers on D-Day, that includes Dead, wounded and missing. There are no official casualty figures.

approximatly 4500 allied soldiers were killed on D-Day

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Q: How many soldiers were lost on D-Day?
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How many soldiers did Hannibal lose?

he lost half of his soldiers

How many British soldiers lost their life's in World War 2?

326,000 soldiers lost their life's.

What does the d in dday mean?

dday means doomsday

How many soldiers were lost at Gettysburg?


How many soldiers lost limbs in Iraq?

Too Many

How many soldiers were wounded in the civil war total?

500,000 soldiers were lost total.

How many casualties was on each side during the Battle of Stalingrad?

Nazi Germany lost 841,000 Soldiers and the USSR lost 1,129,619 soldiers.

How many people died on day two of the Gettysburg War?

In the Battle of Gettysburg. The North lost about 23,000 soldiers, and the South lost about 20,400 soldiers.

How many soldiers lost their lives in the world wars?

to much

How many soldiers total were lost in the civil war?


How many union soldiers were lost during the battle?


How many soldiers were lost at the battle of Somme?

1.1 million

What country lost the most soldiers and has the most missing How many American soldiers died and that total number of soldiers?

I have no Idea I have the same question :(

What Tanks Were Used On D-day?

how many tanks were there durind dday

How many American soldiers lives were lost in the Vietnam war?

The total number of Americans; soldiers, navy, air force, civilians, etc... was 58,212 lives lost.

How many union soldiers died in Pickett's Charge?

If the Union lost any soldiers as a result of the charge, the number would have been small. The Confederacy lost about eleven thousand soldiers. A few survived, but the entire division commanded by General George Pickett was lost.

Did the Russians win World War 1?

No, they lost to many "soldiers".

How many English soldiers were there at d-day?

1 that's why we lost

How many british men were lost in the battle of the somme?

60,000 soldiers

How many lives were lost during the Civil War?

About 620,000 soldiers lost their lives.

Who lost the most soldiers in the Boston Massacre?

The English lost the most soldiers in the Boston Massacre.

How many us soldiers dies in WWII?

In World war two, the United States military lost 400,000 soldiers.

How many Australian soldiers lost their life in world war 1?


How many American soldiers lost their lives in world war 1?


How many soldiers did the USSR lose in world war 2?

they lost about 7,500,000vasilios

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