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That is as of 1/5/2011

*Note that a new song is produced every 2 minutes.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-06 23:20:43
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Q: How many songs are recorded in the world?
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How many songs are there in the world?

For a fact there are 236,784,134 songs in the entire world that have been recorded professionally.

How many songs were recorded by Pink Floyd?

They recorded over a 160 songs during which they were together.

How many songs have the prodigy recorded?

over 50 songs

How many nirvana songs are there?

Nirvana recorded 86 songs :)

How many songs do The Beatles have?

They have 217 original studio recorded songs

How many songs has Justin bieber recorded?

to many!

How many songs has Kanye West recorded?

He has recorded around 180 songs and produced around 80 to 90 beats

How many songs 2Pac recorded?

There were about a hundred songs released when he was alive and over 150 unreleased songs after his death. 2Pac wasn't involved on many of the songs that's been mixed making it hard to say how many he actually recorded.

How many songs did Adolf Hitler record?

42 songs Hitler recorded.

How many songs did Elvis record?

Elvis recorded 711 songs in his lifetime.

How many songs did Bessie Smith record?

She recorded 160 songs in her career.

How many songs have the Pussycat Dolls recorded?

so many

How many songs has Nickelback recorded?

Over 80

How many songs has Marilyn Manson recorded?

About 200.

How many songs has Rihanna recorded?

Around 100

How many Led Zeppelin songs are there?

There are about 87 different songs that Led Zeppelin recorded.

How many songs did jimmy rodgers sing?

Jimmie Rodgers recorded 109 songs

How many songs does miley cyurs's have?

Miley Cyrus has recorded 67 songs, currently.

How many song has Metallica recorded?

As long as I know Metallica has recorded 115 songs.

Who recorded most songs in the world?

According to the Guiness World Records the singer with the most number of songs recorded was the Indian female playback singer Lata Mangeshkar, But unfortunaly her name was removed in 1991.

How many songs are in the world?

there are approximately 10,000,300, songs in the world

How many songs has Teresa brewer recorded?

Over 600.

How many songs has James Taylor recorded?

281 recordings

How many Pink Floyd songs are there?

Around 160 recorded.

How many songs has Dolly Parton recorded?

over 3,000