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That is as of 1/5/2011

*Note that a new song is produced every 2 minutes.


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They recorded over a 160 songs during which they were together.

Nirvana recorded 86 songs :)

They have 217 original studio recorded songs

He has recorded around 180 songs and produced around 80 to 90 beats

There were about a hundred songs released when he was alive and over 150 unreleased songs after his death. 2Pac wasn't involved on many of the songs that's been mixed making it hard to say how many he actually recorded.

Elvis recorded 711 songs in his lifetime.

She recorded 160 songs in her career.

There are about 87 different songs that Led Zeppelin recorded.

Jimmie Rodgers recorded 109 songs

Miley Cyrus has recorded 67 songs, currently.

As long as I know Metallica has recorded 115 songs.

According to the Guiness World Records the singer with the most number of songs recorded was the Indian female playback singer Lata Mangeshkar, But unfortunaly her name was removed in 1991.

It is impossible to know how many songs Hendrix recorded, but he has 46 released tracks.

The Beatles recorded and released 214 different songs on original release albums, EP's and singles, about 20 of which were not written by the Beatles. Some of these songs were recorded more than once, but a little differently and re-released. Two songs were recorded in German in the early days. The Beatles also recorded many songs that were never released. Some of these turned up on post-Beatles solo albums.

Jls have loads of songs but they have only put three on videos and cdsthey have 3 songs so far

He recorded over 800 songs in total and 21 songs with the word blue in the title.

Pink Floyd recorded 133 songs on 13 studio albums

Taylor Swift's SongsNo one really knows how many but there is over 60 anyway.

No, iTunes does not have every song ever recorded. Most songs that are recorded never make it past the garages they were recorded in, i.e., many songs are amateur and not professionally made. iTunes cannot possess a song that was not released.

ABBA as a group recorded 111 songs and 13 studio albums.

i don't know that but Flo Rida has 9 singles and 29 total songs

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