How many spaces is a tab?

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This is always definable from within whatever application you are using. In Word processor programs for instance, you can define how many spaces each press of the Tab button will go. The default is normally five, unless it has been changed.

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Q: How many spaces is a tab?
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How many spaces does the tab key indents?


What is the number of spaces paragraphs are indented?

Just press once on the "tab" button on your keyboard. Or 5 spaces = 1 tab

Number of spaces a paragraph is indented?

the answer is five. the tab button spaces and automatic five spaces for each paragraph

What is tabkey?

Tab key is on the left hand side, 1 tab= 5 spaces

How many spaces is tab in word?

Typically it is five spaces, but if that does not look right and you have micro sof word 2007 its 15 spaces yeah I know that a lot of spaces but it works, so just go with 5 spaces people, understood five spaces

How many spaces are in a tab?

On average: 5. Sometimes the setting can be fiddled with. Then it could be 14 or even 100!

How many spaces when starting a paragraph?

If you are writing on the computer just use the tab button. If you are hand writing you should just use your thumb as a tab space button!

What keyboard key takes 5 spaces every time you strike it?


How many spaces are made after the writers name in a letter?

Depending on your computer say you have a windows or pc click the button "Tab" that'll help you.

What key moves the cursor 5 spaces every time you strike it?

TAB button

What is the meaning of tab on the keyboard?

The tab button goes over a certain amount of spaces at a time so you don't have to push the space bar so many times. It also switches typing spaces, like if you have one box you can type in on the internet, like in your email, the username, for example, on the first line, and press tab, you can keep typing but in the password line, for example, *******.

How much is a paragraph indented?

well if on a computer just hit tab and on a paper 4 spaces

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