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There is just one species of Tasmanian Devil: Sarcophilus Harissii.

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Q: How many species are there of Tasmanian Devils?
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How many subspecies of Tasmanian devils are there in the world?

There is only one species of Tasmanian devil, and no recognised sub-species.

When were the Tasmanian Devils added to the endangered species list?

Tasmanian devils were officially added to the endangered species list in 2008.

Are there any female Tasmanian Devils?

Of course. If there were no female Tasmanian devils, they could not reproduce. Tasmanian devils may be endangered, but they are also a viable species.

Why do dingoes eat Tasmanian Devils?

Dingoes do not eat Tasmanian devils. There are no dingoes on the Australian island of Tasmania, and there are no Tasmanian devils remaining on the Australian mainland. When the two species co-existed on the mainland, scientists do not believe that dingoes took on Tasmanian devils as predator to prey, but that the two species were competitors for food.

How do the Tasmanian devil walk?

Tasmanian devils, like many mammals (but unlike many species of marsupials) have four legs upon which they walk.

Do Tasmanian tigers eat Tasmanian devils?

Tasmanian tigers, more correctly known as Thylacines, do not eat Tasmanian devils. Thylacines are extinct. Prior to the Thylacine's extinction, the two species were both at the top of the food chain, and Thylacines did not eat Tasmanian devils then, either.

Do Tasmanian devils have fur?

Yes. Like many other mammals, Tasmanian devils have fur.

How many Tasmanian devils have died in the world?

It can never be determined how many Tasmanian devils (or any other species of animal, for that matter) have died in the world. These animals have been around for thousands of years, and have died from a variety of causes.

How do Tasmanian devils find their prey?

Tasmanian devils find their prey by scent. They have an acute sense of smell, as do most predatorial species, and this helps them detect their prey.

Do Tasmanian devils migerate?

Tasmanian devils do NOT migerate!

Are Tasmanian devils placental?

No. Tasmanian devils are marsupials.

What eats Tasmanian devils?

The only things that might regard Devils as a food source would be introduced species such as dogs and foxes, and then, only juvenile Devils. The Tasmanian Devil has no natural predators.

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