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The cost depends on the weight of the two small items being sent. You can self weigh the package at a U.S. Post Office. The electronic scales will calcuate the cost for you.

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Q: How many stamps does it take to send a small package of two necklaces from Idaho to Ontario?
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How many miles is it between Ontario Oregon to Council Idaho?

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How many postage stamps would be required if you are sending from Washington to Idaho?

For a regular letter? Just one.

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5 days or less

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It depends on how much it weighs. A typical letter will take enough stamps to equal the First Class rate, which is currently 44 cents.

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If you mean to send a letter, the rate is the same no matter where in the US you send it.- 45 cents for up to one ounces- 20 cents more for the second ounce- extra charges for letter that are thick and big envelopes. If you want to send a package, the rate varies depending on the weight as well as the distance. The rates are complicated and if the package weighs a pound or more, you have to take it to the post office window and say what is in it.

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