How many state flags have stars?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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23 state flags of the United States have stars on them;

MassachusettsNorth Carolina

Rhode Island


New Hampshire















North Dakota




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Q: How many state flags have stars?
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How many stars in a US flags?

The US flag has 50 stars, symbolizing the 50 states of the United States.

Why does the American flag have there stars on the flag?

The stars represent each and every state that constitutes the United States of America. the stars are representing the states it means union for the kids Some American flags do not have stars on them. All countries flags are different. There is more than one American flag

How many flags have been made since the origianl flag?

In total, there have been 27 revisions to the American flags because of added stars alone! The last addition to the flag was on July 4th, 1960 when the flag went from having 49 stars to 50 stars.

What did the rebel flag stand for?

The flag referred to as the "Rebel Flag" in the United States is typically the rectangular Confederate flag known officially as the Confederate Navy Jack. The square flags with the same red background and diagonal blue cross with 13 white stars are the Cavalry and Artillery flags of the Confederacy (the Confederate States of America). These flags were NOT official flags of the Confederate States of America but rather battle-related flags. There is a common misconception that these battle flags are called the "stars and bars" because they actually have stars and bars. But the actual "stars and bars" flag is the first of three National Flag of the Confederacy... doesn't look a thing like the battle flags.

How many stars are found on the US's national flag?

Today's flag has 50 stars representing 50 states in the United States of America. There have been 27 official flags of the USA and all of them are considered our nation's flag. When the resolution for a new flag was passed by Congress they did NOT obsolete the previous flag. Any one of our flags, from 13 stars to 50 stars is a legal flag of the USA and can be flown.

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How many stars are on coffin flags?

coffin flags ARE American flags, so there's the same amount of stars on each.

How many nations have stars on their flags?


What are the stars on the American flags currently?

There is one Star for each state in the union.

What is the meaning of the stars in the us flags?

Each one represents a State of the Union. There is a Star for each state.

What flag has all stripes and no stars?

Many flags are like that. A couple of examples are the French and Italian flags.

How many stars are in the US flags?

Fifty (50)

How Many stars does the flags have?

It depends on what flag you are talking about. The US flag, for instance, has 50 stars. The flag of the state of Texas has one star. Please restate the question, as there is insufficient information in the question to properly answer it.

How many red rows of stars on a flag?

Which flag? Many flags contain stars, you need to specify which one you're referring to!!

How many us state flags?


How many official flags has Illinois had?

There have been 2 official state flags for Illinois

What does the star means on the flags of the US?

one star=one state hence fifty stars, fifty states

Why do flags have stars?

To show how many countries there are ! I don't really know why they use stars ... maybe just just for looks .