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Q: How many students switch schools each year?
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How many Schools have iPads for Students?

just about 70 schools in the us

How many schools are there in Minnesota?

I can partially answer your question:Minnesota Public School StatisticsMinnesota Public Schools:2,637Number of Students:842,854Minnesota Elementary Schools:1,046Minnesota Middle Schools:291Minnesota High Schools:699Number of Male Students:434,396Number of Female Students:408,458Asian-Pacific Islander Students:45,178American Indian-Alaskan Students:17,641Black Students:65,488Hispanic Students:38,643White Students:675,904

Why do high schools have lockers yet many elementary schools do not?

High schools have lockers because students have many books that they must take to each class, and need to store the ones not currently in use. However, elementary school students often are in one or two classrooms throughout the day and store their books in their assigned desks instead.

How many middle schools are affected by rumors?

Many students can be affected by it

How many schools have their students wear uniform in Calgary?


How are Japanese schools different from US schools?

Japanese schools are different from American schools in many ways. First off, they are more advanced for a given age. Students are pressured to be the best. In Japan students must pass entrance exams to get into high school and college.Another thing that is different in Japan is that students go to school 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday). Japanese students take many different classes and have a wide variety of subjects. Students at lunchtime eat in their classrooms and serve each other. Students change their shoes as soon as they enter the building. They change into white tennis shoes that are classified as part of their uniform.

Why are there not many schools in the outback in Australia?

Because there is a smaller amount of students, meaning less demand for schools.

Why do students go to cram schools in japan?

not enough money for schools since there were so many earthquakes.

How many schools allow students to chew gum?

675642 in England

How many students in the U.S.A. go to public schools?

none of them hahaha

How many secondary schools students are there in Hong Kong?

5 million

How many students are there in all Texas public schools?