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How many subway trains are there in New york?

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There are 6,282 subway CARS with each train averaging between 8-11 cars

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How fast do New York City subway trains travel?

50-55 mph

Where can one get a free copy of a subway map of New York?

Free copies of the New York subway map can be found at New York Tourist Information Offices or some station offices. Alternatively, there is a map on the wall of each station and on the inside of many of the trains.

What is the company that manages trains in New York?

The company that manages trains in New York is called the Metropolitan Transport Authority. Using the rail/subway is by far the most popular form of travel by locals and tourists within New York City.

What does New York City train represent?

New York City trains represent the New York City Subway that spans across the distance of the city. It represents a universal transportation method of New York.

When was the first subway train invented?

On January 10, 1863, the first subway train was invented. It was invented in the state of New York. Following that, Chicago started using subway trains.

What is the name of the subway in New York?

New York City Subway, or just the subway, or MTA.

When was New York City Subway created?

New York City Subway was created in 1863.

Is there a train goes from Brooklyn to Newark?

No. Newark is in New Jersey. All of the trains that go from New York to New Jersey terminate in Manhattan. You can use the subway to get from Brooklyn to New York and then take a train to Newark, NJ.

How many Subway restaurants are there in New York City?


How many subway terminals are there in New York?

In New York City, there are currently 468 subway terminals. These stations serve more subway lines than any other system throughout the world.

When was the New York subway built?

First leg of the New York City subway was opened in 1904.

How did the New York City subway system get its name?

The New York City subway system doesn't have a name, other than, "the New York City subway system," which is self-explanatory.

How many passengers are on board the New York City Subway?


Who has the oldest subway in the world?

New York City Subway

How does the MBTA get a new train into the subway?

Same as with any railroad. There are maintence yards where the trains are above ground. New trains and old trains can be added and removed by crane from trucks or in some cases an interconnect track allows new cars to move directly onto the subway system tracks.

How many people use the new york subway yearly?

In 2007, 1,563 million people used the NY subway.

Where can one find information on where to obtain a copy of the NYC subway map?

Informations about where to obtain a copy of the NYC subway map can be found on the official websites of New York City, New York transportation or New York Subway. It is possible, to find informations about this on every subway station.

Is the subway a safe way to travel in New York?

1. You could get lost 2. It's fine to travel in 3. If you don't like trains don't ride it

Where can I find a New York City subway map?

See the Related Link below for a complete New York City subway map.

What is the longest line in the New York City subway system?

At 31 miles, the A train is not only the longest New York City subway line, but the longest subway line in the world.

What kind of transports are available in NYC?

In New York City you have a lot of transport-vehicles. You can use the subway, caps, trains or something else. Using the subway is the fastest way to travel from one point to another point in NYC.

In the New York Subway why have the cars for the ABCD Trains not been updated like the EFML Trains have been?

Due to the budget, certain train lines get updated quicker than others until eventually all will be up to date.

How many miles of subway do new york have?

more than seven hundred miles.

Is the new york city subway open day and night?

Every station on the New York subway has service 24 hours every day. The night trains may be different from daytime service--for example, the A train runs express and skips stations during the day, but runs local and stops everywhere at night.

When was Gibbs - New York City Subway car - created?

Gibbs - New York City Subway car - was created in 1904.