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RAW has had 10 themes.

Raw- 1st theme

"Monday Night Raw"

Used: 1993- 1994, 1996- 1997, 2010.

Raw- 2nd theme

"I Like It RAW"

Used: 1995

Raw- 3rd Theme

"I Like It Raw (Instrumental)"

Used: 1995

Raw- 4th Theme

(Unknown Title)

Used: 1995- 1996

Raw- 5th theme

"Beautiful People (Raw Version)"

Used: 1997

Raw- 6th theme

"Thorn In Your Eye" (TV Version)"

Used: 1997- 1998

Raw- 7th theme

"Were All Together Now"

Used: 1998- 2002

Raw- 8th theme

"Across The Nation (TV Version)"

Used: 2002- 2006

Raw- 9th theme

"To Be Loved (TV Version)"

Used: 2006- 2009

Raw- 10th Theme

"Burn It To The Ground"

Used: 2009- (as of 7/26/2011)

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Their theme songs are their entrance songs

The Undertaker has had a total of 12 theme songs while working in the WWE/F.

what are the names of the theme songs of the superstars in the wwe ?and what can i do so that the wwe can send me photos of the superstars? what are the names of the theme songs of the superstars in the wwe ?and what can i do so that the wwe can send me photos of the superstars?

Jim Johnston writes and sometimes performs many of the theme songs for WWE superstars and divas.

I've composed a list of bands who's songs could be good theme songs; Disturbed Slipknot Judas Priest Metallica Megadeth Godsmack limp bizkit Alter Bridge Bullet For My Valentine Rage Against the Machine Beastie Boys Killswitch Engage Breaking Benjamin Or you could just have the creator of most of the WWE superstars theme songs Jim Johnston to make you a theme song.

You can find their songs on iTunes if you type in Jim Johnston for all WWE theme songs (:

I think they have a decision on their new theme song. If i am wrong,it may be the wwe office who decides. Or Jim Johnston as he conducts most of the songs that wrestlers use as their theme songs.

The Songs Is Called Burn it to the Ground By Nickelback

Yes, the WWE website. You can also use a website called Playlist if you know the names of the songs.

When Layla was in the WWE, her theme songs were "Nasty Boy", "Not Enough for Me" and "Insatiable". Layla retired professional-wrestling yesterday on July 29th, 2015.

Jeff Hardy theme songs and other wwe themes can be found at

Evolution had two theme songs "Line in the Sand" by Motörhead and "Evolve" by Jim Johnston

She has 2 theme songs:Feelin' You (FCW theme)Right Now by Tyler Van Den Berg (2011-present)

i think that John Cena is the only one that sings his theme song. but no they do not sing their own theme songs.:)

Zebrahead the songs name is "with legs like that"

on a place called "funmaza" you will find WWE theme songs which are by or from WWE wrestlers

Go to iTunes,go to search then tipe in wwe wrestlers theme songs it will be free

The theme song to WWE Superstars is " Invincible " by Adelitas Way.Triple H has the best theme songs. He has three "The Game, The King of Kings and Evolution." All three songs were performed by Motorhead. Other than that The Undertaker's theme song is pretty cool.Actually It is not called "Evolution" it was "Line in the Sand" by Moterhead

Undertaker has had 3 themes i think. His first theme and current theme is called "Rest in Peace". His 2nd theme was "Rollin" by Limpbizkit. And his 3rd theme was "You Gon' Pay".

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Alex Riley's theme song is performed by Downstait, the same people who recorded Dolph Ziggler and The Miz's theme songs.

You can download theme songs from P2P Clients such as Kazaa, LimeWire etc. Although this is not reconmended and it illegal.

go on www.mp3 then search up undertaker song Visit here to download best wwe superstars theme songs

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